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At Epic Hair Designs, we pride ourselves in being the best Balayage Salon in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our stylists are colour specialists who specialise in balayage techniques. These techniques include ombre, melt, sombre, face-framing highlights, baby lights, highlights and foiling. We are committed to creating the perfect colour for you alongside maintaining the integrity of your hair.

Balayage literally means “sweep” in French, which is exactly what stylists do when brushing the lightening colour into pieces of the hair. A beautifully low maintenance look that can be bold or subtle. Your stylist will work with you to choose the right technique that will suit you, your hair and your lifestyle.

Which Style Of Balayage Are You?

Balayage My Ends

For someone who is happy with their root colour, but wants a sunkissed lightened look on the ends. It’s a great way to introduce multi-dimensional tones! Your stylist will work with you and your hair goals to identify which areas of the hair you would like to enhance or highlight.

Balayage Melt

This technique is a combination of foiling and balayage to create a deeper colour transition, starting from roots and lightening towards the ends. This creates a seamless blend of tones. Your stylist will help you decide whether this will lead to a bold or subtle outcome.

Colour Change

This is for someone who already has colour in their hair however looking for a complete colour overhaul. If you're looking to go from dark to light or light to dark allow us to make you over with our colour correction packages.

Which Balayage Suits You?

Your balayage will be customised taking into considering what colour you currently have, your maintenance commitments and long-term colour expectations. For a lived in low maintenance look consider lightening your mid-lengths and ends with your natural colour at the roots. For a statement, consider face framing pops of colour!

if you’re thinking about balayage, consider this:
  • Work with your stylist to decide if you want to simply lighten your ends or get an all-over balayage look.
  • How often do you colour your hair? Have you been colouring your hair at home? It’s important to disclose all these details with your stylist.
  • To increase the longevity of your balayage in-between visits it’s important to nourish your hair and maintain the tone with products recommended by your Epic stylist.
  • For those with statement balayages or extreme colour contrast looks, it is vital to upkeep your colour with regular salon visits. These visits will include toners and treatments to ensure your colour and condition is maintained.

Let's Get Started!

FAQ's for best-balayage-brisbane-gold-coast

We are much more than just hairdressing.

Balayage is a technique that our stylist use to create a soft dark to light effect. It’s a great way to add subtle brightness to the hair. Whereas a melt more describes an end result rather than a technique. Basically, it’s when three or more colours blend into the hair seamlessly. You shouldn’t be able to tell when one hair colour ends and another begins.