Hair Extensions provide luscious length for shorter hair while creating volume for thinner hair that is already long. Extensions are also a great way to add pops of highlights, lowlights and colour without adding dye or lightening chemicals to your real hair. The possibilities are endless with Hair Extensions and they provide confidence boosting results that last.

Here at Epic Hair Designs, we use quality Showpony Professional Hair Extensions. Showpony are at the forefront of hair and fashion and their extensions are used and loved by celebrities and fashion icons including Roxy Jacenko and Camilla Akerberg.

Showpony Hair Extensions are made from real human and synthetic hair that are renowned for superior quality. Like Epic Hair Designs, Showpony is a company with a large focus on product education, excellence and customer satisfaction.


At Epic, we ensure all out stylists under-go extensive Showpony Extension training on real models to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Showpony representatives provide us with training to ensure extensions are undetectable, natural looking and comfortable.

Safe application is at the core to ensure customers walk away with a look they love. Throughout the application process, we ensure your natural hair is cared for. After application, we provide the correct care education to ensure our clients know how to look after their new extensions.

Epic Hair Designs stock a diverse range of tape extensions to match any colour or texture of hair. Our talented stylists provide a FREE colour match consultation before the application appointment and provide superior blending techniques including colouring to natural hair and cutting to ensure the most natural looking outcome.

Hair Extensions are not just for short hair. Extensions are perfect for those who want to add volume to their hair or add pops of colour without bleaching or colouring their natural hair.


Hair extensions are ideal and commonly used for adding much-needed length to your hair. Why bother waiting for your hair to grow out when you can get long hair instantly!


If you have long hair but lack volume, Hair Extensions increase the fullness. Depending on your hair, half a head of extensions works well to create a fuller look and bounce to your thinner hair. Many up styles require thicker hair to pull off the perfect look. If your hair is thin, hair extensions can be incorporated to add the wow factor you need to create the perfect up-do style.


Like the idea of adding colour to your hair but you don’t want anything permanent? Rather than lightening or colouring your own hair, opt for Hair Extensions. When coloured hair extensions are placed, they mimic foils without permanently changing the colour of your hair and the colour will blend with your natural hair effortlessly.

Types of Hair Extensions

Tape Extensions

We use the Traditional Tape Extension and apply using the tape weft method by sandwiching a small fine slice of your hair in-between two 4-inch wefts of extensions. We prefer and recommend this application process over other it is ideal for most hair types as the wefts lay flay against the scalp, are undetectable and are more comfortable than others.

What is the maintenance?

Traditional tape hair extensions typically sit in their hair for between 6 to 12 weeks before needing to be moved up. Hair extensions are something you have to live with all day every day, so they have to be comfortable. Tape hair extensions feel comfortable in your hair because they lay flat against your head. Thanks to the transparent tape applying flat to the head, it makes it very difficult to see where the hair extensions are applied, providing a natural and seamless look.

How long do they last?

Tape hair extensions are usually reusable. However, this is dependent on the hair quality. Usually, it is possible to re-tape them up to three times, but we recommend that you re-visit our salon for a maintenance appointment for a professional and great looking result. Generally traditional tape hair exertions are easier to style than many other methods, even when straightening or curling is involved. This is because these extensions are applied to the head so naturally.

Colours and Care


Want to add a little bit of colour to increase the vibrancy of your hair, or are you hoping to make a statement with a bold new colour? Whatever your colour aspirations are, we have Showpony hair extensions available in a wide range of colours.

No need to worry about a bold new colour looking unnatural or out of place in your hair because Showpony has a large range of colours which are two toned to give your hair a more natural look. Speak with one of our stylists to determine the best colour to achieve the look you are after.

Taking Care of your Extensions

Hair Extensions look amazing and require proper home care to keep them in good condition between visits. Epic Hair Designs stocks Showpony Shampoo and Conditioner as well as detangling hair brushes to keep your Extensions looking their best. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, maintenance appointments should be made every 8 to 10 weeks with one of our salons to avoid any matting that may occur as your hair grows out.

free consultations

Speak with our expert stylists at any one of our 12 salons to decide what colour, length and blend to best suit you. We can provide you with all information you need to maintain your beautiful new mane.

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