Going lighter is a big commitment and can require a lot of upkeep. This is where Balayage is the perfect happy medium between your current hair and a lighter version that is super low maintenance.

What is Balayage?

If you are no stranger to their hair and beauty world, you would have heard the word Balayage in conversation. For those no sure what is means then here you go…

Balayage is a low maintenance, lived in hair look where the body and ends of your hair is lightened while the roots maintained a shadowed shade.

It’s a hair trend not leaving runways or red carpets anytime soon with the likes of Chrissy Teigan, Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians rocking that lived in, super chic celebrity Balayage look.

How is it done?

Balayage literally means “sweep” in French, which is exactly what stylists do while brushing the lightening colour into pieces of the hair to highlight.

Depending on your stylist, length, condition and colour of your hair, Balayage can also be achieved by foiling or micro foiling.

Your stylist will work with you to choose the best technique to create an optimal outcome to compliment your features.

Will Balayage suit you?

Balayage quite literally suits everyone, no matter what length or colour of hair.

Adding different dimensions to the hair is super flattering while also being low maintenance.

To keep the colour looking fresh, we recommend coming in for a toner every 6-8 week after your initial visit.

What is the difference between Balayage and Melt?

Balayage is a technique that our stylist use to create a soft dark to light effect. It’s a great way to add subtle brightness to the hair.

Whereas a melt more describes an end result rather than a technique.

Basically, it’s when three or more colours blend into the hair seamlessly. You shouldn’t be able to tell when one hair colour ends and another begins.

What is the upkeep?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, we recommend making your appointments every 10-12 weeks for a full Balayage refresh.

To reduce brassy tones, book in earlier for a toner refresh.

In salon and take-home treatments are also a great way to keep your lightened ends looking and feeling healthy.

Creating the perfect blonde is a craft. Here at Epic, we are committed to creating a gorgeous blonde for you while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

How we lighten your hair?

We specialise in multiple blonding techniques including foiling, micro-foiling, scalp bleaching, streaking as well as advanced Balayage and Melting techniques.

Depending on your ideal outcome (whether you are after subtle highlights or a full head of foils) your stylist will work with you to choose the best technique to ensure the best outcome for you and your hair.

Why we recommend toning and what tone to choose

Toner neutralises brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair.

When applied to bleached hair, it takes it to more of an ashy, dusty, or platinum color. That means a much more natural-looking hair tone and also makes the hair look and feel healthier and shinier.

As Goldwell Colour Specialist we know the perfect tones to compliment particular features. Non-brassy, ashier tones complement cool skin tones, while golden tones work better on warmer ones. Creamy tones look amazing on everyone.

How do we protect your hair?

Going blonde can be stressful on the hair so we ensure your hair is moisturised with treatments throughout the process in salon as well as providing you with superior take home care.

We use the finest products including Goldwell, Kerastase, OLAPLEX and KMS to ensure you hair looks and feels amazing while going through the lightening process.

Blonde Packages

Whether you are after subtle highlights to frame your face, love a Balayage or a want to be platinum blonde all over, we have a blonde package to best suit you.

Check out our range of blonde packages here.

One of the most exciting hair transformations is going a shade of copper red. It’s bold and vibrant and bound to be attention grabbing.

How do we create the perfect copper?

Depending on your hair, there are a few different ways we can achieve a beautiful copper red look.

If you hair is naturally dark or has preciously been coloured it may need a lightening treatment such as foiling or scalp bleaching beforehand.

If naturally blonde, we start by filling your natural colour with a soft colour of light copper or gold then we apply the darker permanent colour to create a rich and lasting result.

Who Suits Red Hair?

Generally, red hair works best with cool or pinkish or lighter skin tones with light eyes.

However these days we are spoilt for chose when it comes to tones meaning everyone can pull off a hue or copper red.

Lighter tones such as strawberry blonde suit fairer complexions while the richer reds such as burgundy are more suited to those with naturally darker features.

What tone will suit me?

There are many tones for red and your stylist will work with you to pick the best one suited to your looks and everyday lifestyle.

For the bold, choose a darker red hue like a violet-red like Rihanna or a brown-red like Kate Mara.

For a medium of light hue, you can go with a bright cherry red, an orange-red like Emma Stone.

How to avoid your colour fading?

Molecules in red pigment are much larger than other molecules in colours there for first time you go red the colour will fade a little.

To avoid harsh fading, we provide in salon treatments at the time of colour as well as recommending the use of colour treated home care which is available in all 12 salons throughout Brisbane.

Whether you’re going from light to darker or simply maintaining your glossy brunette locks, you are in good hands with Epic Hair Designs

How we create the perfect brunette colour for you

Here at Epic, all our stylists are Goldwell Master Colourist who are skilled in creating the perfect colour. Like going Blonde, there is a process and technique to achieving the perfect Brunette shade for you.

If hair is already lightened, firstly it must be filled with a soft colour before the application of darker colour. This is to ensure the end result is rich and lasting.

Flat colours can look dated, so we recommend creating a custom look to optimise your brunette. This can include lashings of lighter brown or caramel highlights around your face or in the ends.

What shade to choose

When going darker, bring along inspiration pics to your appointment.

This ensures you and your stylist are on the same page. Medium and olive skin looks best with cool, ashy browns as too much warmth in both skin and hair will clash.

Fair skin tones can pull off both cool brunette undertones as well as golden undertones which can be created with a semi-auburn gloss.

How to avoid fading

Colour fades due to poor hair colour application and washing your hair every day.

We use best practices when creating your new brunette look and also provide the best education and home care products including Goldwell Soft Colour and Kerastase Shampoo and Conditioners to help with any fading issues.

The Benefits of Brunette

Updating and maintaining dark locks is less maintenance and in turn more costs effective than up-keeping highlighted or blonde hair. Brunette hair is also less damage due to no need for lightening and bleaching products to be applied to the hair.

It is also important to note that lightening the dark colour back out of hair can be a lengthy process, meaning darker locks are for those who want to keep a warmer toned look for a longer period than someone who enjoys changing their hair look often.

Goldwell Elumen is a high-performance, oxidant free hair colour. It creates extra vibrant, shiny and durable hair colour without damage. The formula contains no peroxide or ammonia and consists of over 25 shades plus one clear gloss tone – the possibilities are endless with Elumen!

How does Elumen differ from other salon colour products?

Elumen’s remarkable technology means it is a physical colour that works without oxidising meaning it needs no developer is required.

The formula is gentle while creating a brilliant shine. The entire range is inter-mixable creating a highly creative colour palette allowing stylists to reach their full creative potential with their clients.

What are the Benefits of Elumen?

Elumen is a non-damaging, permanent, high shine product with endless colour opportunities.

The colour is permanent meaning it’s durable and far superior to a demi-permanent colour.

Color remains strong even after 10 washes

Elumen Technology

Elumen is a physical colour meaning it works entirely without oxidizing but still achieves spectacular colour results.

With it’s unique magnet-effect technology the intensive Elumen pigments are physically drawn deep inside the hair where they are anchored securely to produce amazingly intensive and remarkably long-lasting color results.

Like an impure diamond, porous areas of the hair diffuse the light making the hair appear stressed and dull. Elumen fills the porous areas inside the hair and improves the hair structure to reflect light perfectly.

Your Hair Deserves Only The Best. That’s why we use the Goldwell colour system. Goldwell provides optimum colour reliability with the best possible protection for your hair. With a wonderful range of shades and toners, you and your stylist are sure to pick the perfect colour for you.

Topchic Permanent

Topchic guarantees intense colour full of brilliance in all dimensions.

It offers 100% grey coverage providing evenness from regrowth to ends.

The formula is gentle but durable with 100% performance with no compromise on the hair.

Colorance Demi Permanent

Colorance delivers intensive shine and unbeatable condition.

Using demi-permanent Colorance, the healthier the hair, the more beautiful and shiny the colour result will be.

Colorance is the first demi-permanent colour with intralipid technology that repairs the hair. The colour enhances natural hair colour and grey hair can be covered from up to 50-75.

Soft Color Semi Permanent

Fast acting conditioning semi-permanent colour foam which effect refreshes hair colour in-between salon visits.

Goldwell Soft Colour also retails in salon for $18.95 and we recommend using once a week to keep your hair hydrated and colour rich in between salon visits.


Nectaya is an Organic Plant Based Colour.

The colour is permanent and ammonia free that enriches the hair with nurturing care creating the best basis for beautiful colour.


Goldwell Elumen is a hair color that eluminated the hair instensively from inside out to achieve intense, peerless result for colour professionals.

Results are intense with brilliant colour and shine.

Elumen color is also incredible durable leaving hair amazing and healthy looking.


Silklift is a high-performance lightener for premium blonde results.

Silklift provides even clearer results thanks to the anti-yellow system and protection with the proven ShieldTechnology.

Colorance Pastels

Epic Hair Designs also provide Goldwell Colorance Pastels, giving our stylists the ability to create beautiful fashionable pastel colour effects that show soft, gradual fading.

These colours are perfectly suited for pre-lightened hair due to IntraLipid and Ph-BALANCED TECHNOLOGY.

Colours available include Pastel Rose, Pastel Mint, Pastel Lavender, Pastel Indigo and Pastel Peach.

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