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CREATING Blonde bombshellS

Voted as Brisbane’s and Gold Coast’s Best Blonde Hairdresser by Style Magazine, Epic Hair Designs stylists specialise in creating exceptional blonde. We create your dream blonde while maintaining the integrity of your hair. Our Blonde Brisbane & Gold Coast guests enjoy Goldwell’s premium range of colours ensures a bespoke and perfect look. We craft the right blonde with incredible skill, technique and passion. Our expert stylists conduct a thorough consultation to make sure we achieve the blonde of your dreams.

WHY go blonde?

The Brisbane & Gold Coast lifestyle and blonde locks go hand-in-hand. We love sun-kissed skin and hair. If your locks are not a natural blonde, we take you there using only the finest techniques and in-salon colour. Blonde’s really do have more fun and with so many blonde tones and techniques we have a look that will suit any hair type or skin-tone. If you are naturally dark-haired and interested in going blonde, please understand it is a process and we are with you throughout the journey. Check out this amazing article about how to pick the best blonde colour for your skin tone.

how to maintain your blonde

Blonde Hair requires maintenance to ensure your tressy avoid getting brassy. Blonde hair is also prone to feeling dry and breakage. We recommend the use of Olaplex, a patented bond repairing treatment along with Goldwell Soft Colour to tone at home.


What style of blonde Hair Colour?

It's time for your next look...

Brisbane's & Gold Coast Best Blonde Hairdresser

Cool & Icy Blondes

With its icy whiteness, platinum blonde hair colour brings the drama. Looking especially stunning on lighter complexions with blue or green eyes because it can help make features pop. You'll turn heads with your new silvery blonde hue.

Brisbane's & Gold Coast Best Blonde Hairdresser

Neutral & Natural Blondes

Think you were born to be blonde? If you want to fake a natural blonde hair colour, consider sporting this classic, luxurious natural blonde. The epitome of blonde hair colours, it's precisely what you imagine when you think of someone born with a full head of beautiful blonde locks. 

Brisbane's & Gold Coast Best Blonde Hairdresser

Golden & Warm Blondes

Embrace golden, buttery, sun kissed, honey tones. Medium golden blonde hair pairs beautifully with medium skin tones as it complements the warmth and tone of your complexion giving you that golden holiday glow.

Brisbane and Gold Coast Blonde Salon

Which blonde suits me?

If you have a cool, pale skin tone, most commonly we find that ash, cool beige and white blonde colours will suit you. If you have a warm skin tone, most commonly you will be best to have rich honey, golden or warm beige blonde colours.

If you are thinking of going lighter, consider the following:

– Set up a consultation with your hairstylist to decide which blonde tones will suit you.

-Consider your hair’s history. Have you been colouring your hair dark for years? Have you been colouring it at home? You may have years of colour build-up that will affect your lightening journey. It’s extremely important to disclose all these details with your stylist so the most accurate colour plan can be created.

-Determine what condition your hair is in. Although your stylists priority is to maintain your hairs health, lightening can cause the hair to become drier. You will need to invest in home haircare products  Alternatively if your hair is in bad condition, we always recommend a trim. If your hair stylist recommends your hair is not in an acceptable state to try and lighten, do not proceed and listen to their suggestions. If this is the case your stylist will customise a repairing hair treatment program to regain your hairs health.

Brisbane and Goldcoast Olaplex

How can we protect your hair?

Going blonde can be stressful on the hair without the use of the correct products which is why we use Goldwell as our colour brand.  Goldwell products have a very low amount of ammonia and are what we believe to be the best in the market for maintaining the health of your hair.

Epic Hair Designs protects your hair throughout the lightening journey through using our extensive array of treatments. Our go-to hair protection treatment is Olaplex which can be added into your colour in salon to protect your hair from being damaged. Olaplex can also be used at home to continually support the overall integrity and health of your hair. If you’re looking to begin a colour journey, we highly recommend implementing Olaplex into your haircare routine in salon and at home. Read more on Olaplex here.

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Platimum Blonde Gold Coast

You can trust us with your blonde journey

Our hairstylists across Brisbane & Goldcoast are industry leaders, specialising in multiple blonding techniques including foiling, scalp bleaching, advanced balayage and melting techniques.

Depending on your hair goal your stylist will work with you to choose the best technique to ensure exceptional results for you and your hair.

-Enjoy a complimentary consultation to ensure overall expectations, face shape, eye colour and skin tone are considered when creating your colour journey.
-We use only the best products. As an official Goldwell colour salon, our stylists are fully trained and equipped to customise your blonde to match your goals and hair needs.
-Epic Hair Designs are Brisbane Blonde Experts, allow one of our Master Colourists to bring your dream look to life!

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Blonde Hair Salons Brisbane and Gold Coast

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FAQ's for brisbane-goldcoast-blonde-hairdresser-specialists

We are much more than just hairdressing.

Going from medium or dark brunette to blonde is quite a bold move. This means that you need some blonde tips to pull out that look. First, you must come up with a budget. It is a necessary action to take when working with a professional. And yes, the results will be faulty if you don’t get the right person. This is because remarkable skills are needed to ensure proper highlighting and toning for you to end up with the perfect blonde. Your skin tone will also determine how much bleaching will be done. The end results will only be fabulous if you keep those tips in mind.

efore you make this decision, you need to understand that multiple sessions spanning from 4 to 6 weeks may be required for you to get the type of blonde locks you want. From our experience, virgin hair tends is more comfortable to work on than hair that has been processed with multiple dies may take longer. We sometimes tend to ask numerous questions for us to establish whether you are healthy enough to undergo the hair lightening process. But with a little bit of patience, you will be able to get the exact blonde you are seeking.

If you are bored with your dark brown hair and you would want to go a little lighter, then blonde should be your destination. Anyone giving you blonde hair tips will tell you that this process is a bit lengthy, tiresome and time-consuming. This is because going aggressive will only see your hair get damaged in the process, and that is something we don’t want you to undergo. You should, however, be ready to bleach your roots once every month. As your hair grows, the roots will end up darkening that’s why bleaching is necessary. Additionally, your hair will need regular toning and conditioning for it to remain glamorous.

The shift from red to blonde requires your full cooperation. Why? First, this process involves gradually removing the red die before turning it to blonde, which is yet another process. The process is much easier if you are a natural read head. But if you are bottled up, the method above will apply. For us to achieve that perfect shade, you need to book more than one appointment. This will ensure minimum hair damage and remarkable results. You should also be ready to get a colour safe regimen.

You might have dyed your hair green for some reason, but now you want it to go blonde. There is also a case where your blonde hair goes green. So if you wish to make it ombre blonde or icy blonde, you need to be very cautious. We often recommend that you only deal with professionals when handling such shades so that you don’t end up with a nightmare. For a swift transition with minimum damage, expect to visit the salon for a long time. The more relaxed you are about the whole process, the more incredible your blonde look will become.

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