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Copper tones stop traffic!

Fiery Reds

Creating the perfect red/copper is a craft. We are committed to creating the perfect red for you alongside maintaining the integrity of your hair. Bold vibrant and attention-grabbing, we know this colour is a statement which is why our master colourists are experts in tailoring the perfect shade for you.

For decades copper hair tones have been stopping traffic, with celebrities around the globe enjoying a wide range of copper tones. From the more modest subtle hues (Nicole Kidman 2000–2014) and deep earthy tones (Marcia Cross, Emma Stone) to more daring, brighter shades (Nicole Kidman Pre 2000, Cynthia Nixon and Lucille Ball).

Which red are YOU?

All Over Red/Copper

For a daring, high shine, high fashion look. All over colour saturation is for the ones ready to make a statement and colour commitment. We personalise the shade to suit your skin with varying shades of coppers and reds to choose from.

Multi Dimensional

For someone who enjoys colour variation in their look. Depending on your ideal outcome (whether you are after subtle highlights or a full head of foils) your stylist will work with you to choose the best technique to ensure the best outcome for you and your hair.

Fashion Red/Copper

For someone who loves the brilliance of working with fashion trends. Vibrant and intense tones that exude confidence.

WHICH copper SUITS you?

A copper commitment can mean subtle or bold results depending on which shade you choose. Typically, coppers work best with cool, pinkish, lighter skin tones. Strawberry blondes suit fairer complexions while richer more burgundy reds are more suited to those with naturally darker features.

If you’re thinking about going copper, consider this:
  • Work with your skin tone and ask your stylist which copper tones will suit you.
  • Consider your hair’s history. Have you been colouring your hair at home? You may have years of colour built up that can affect your lightening journey. It’s very important to disclose all these details with your stylist.
  • Beautiful hair is in your hands. Depending on the overall condition of your hair, your stylist will decide the appropriate colouring technique. If your hair is damaged it’s crucial to invest in hair care products to support your colour goal and hair health.

You can trust us with your red or copper statement

Our hairstylists across Brisbane are industry leaders, specialising in red/copper techniques including foiling, scalp bleaching, advanced balayage and melting techniques.

Depending on your hair goal your stylist will work with you to choose the best technique to ensure exceptional results.

  • Enjoy a complimentary consultation to discuss your overall expectations. Face shape, eye colour and skin tone are considered when creating your colour.
  • We use only premium products. As an official Goldwell colour salon, our stylists are fully trained and equipped to customise your hair colour to match your goals and hair needs.
  • Epic Hair Designs Brisbane Red/Copper Experts are recognised industry leaders, specialising in colouring.


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FAQ's for copper

We are much more than just hairdressing.

Half the work is already done. Having already blonde hair gives you a huge range of possibilities in all kinds of reds and coppers from a natural strawberry blonde to Rhianna Fiery Red. As red is such a high pigmented tone, be prepared to support your colour at home with some of our express toning products.

A very popular service. Is your brunette hair feeling boring? Need something more exciting? Did you know adding red tones to your brown hair can give it that hot chocolate, velvety shimmer? If you're transitioning from brown to red you may need a pre-lightening service to create a bright, vibrant tone. Pop in for a free consultation so your stylist can work with you to create your dream hair journey.

Is your red hair looking dull? Not shiny? Patchy? Uneven? Let us fix it for you. If your red has been done recently we have Pravana colour remover to remove the unwanted red colour and then start fresh to apply the red tone you are after. Maybe you need foils to give your red a multi- dimensional look? We have great Red/Copper packages to provide these results.

Refreshing your red? Give your self about 2 hours. Needing more of a colour change or correction? More around the 3-4 hour mark.

Keeping your red hair vibrant, shiny and healthy is the main concern. Red can fade quickly depending on lifestyles. Our Goldwell Soft Colour mouse is your best friend. This is a home toner your can do yourself between visits keeping your red salon fresh everyday.Not sure you're up for doing it yourself? Visit us in-salon between colour appointments for a quick fresh toner pick me up.

To keep red/copper looking best, visits to the salon every 6-8 weeks is ideal. Refreshing your ends with a Goldwell colorance colour also keeps the red bright but makes your hair 35% better condition too!

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