One of the most exciting hair transformations is going a shade of copper red. It’s bold and vibrant and bound to be attention grabbing.

How do we create the perfect copper?

Depending on your hair, there are a few different ways we can achieve a beautiful copper red look.

If you hair is naturally dark or has preciously been coloured it may need a lightening treatment such as foiling or scalp bleaching beforehand.

If naturally blonde, we start by filling your natural colour with a soft colour of light copper or gold then we apply the darker permanent colour to create a rich and lasting result.

Who Suits Red Hair?

Generally, red hair works best with cool or pinkish or lighter skin tones with light eyes.

However these days we are spoilt for chose when it comes to tones meaning everyone can pull off a hue or copper red.

Lighter tones such as strawberry blonde suit fairer complexions while the richer reds such as burgundy are more suited to those with naturally darker features.

What tone will suit me?

There are many tones for red and your stylist will work with you to pick the best one suited to your looks and everyday lifestyle.

For the bold, choose a darker red hue like a violet-red like Rihanna or a brown-red like Kate Mara.

For a medium of light hue, you can go with a bright cherry red, an orange-red like Emma Stone.

How to avoid your colour fading?

Molecules in red pigment are much larger than other molecules in colours there for first time you go red the colour will fade a little.

To avoid harsh fading, we provide in salon treatments at the time of colour as well as recommending the use of colour treated home care which is available in all 12 salons throughout Brisbane.

A R E  Y O U  L O O K I N G  F O R  P A C K A G E S

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