Epic Hair Designs - Pricing Structure Senior Stylist

This is our general pricing that our clients would normally pay for a service done by any of our Senior Hairdressers. The Standard pricing for our services, have a 5% surcharge on Fridays and 16% surcharge on Saturdays.

Master Stylist

Epic Hair Designs - Pricing Structure Master Stylist

Master Stylists is are our highly-skilled stylists who will have a built up a wide range of hair cutting, color and styling experience. They typically have a large client base and are therefore in demand. To book in with one of our Master Stylists, our clients automatically pay an extra 5% on top of the the Standard pricing from Monday to Friday; 21% extra on Saturdays.

Emerging Stylist

Epic Hair Designs - Pricing Structure Emerging Stylist

Emerging Stylists are our junior stylist who are qualified to work in Salon under the guidance of our very experienced Senior stylists. These stylists are still developing their client base and skills, hence services booked with Emerging Stylists are 30% less than the standard price and 18% less on Saturdays.

Where to find the pricing of services for either Emerging Stylist or Master Stylists:

On our pricelist in Salon or online, you will see "EM" or "MS" indicated alongside each service category these price ranges apply to.

This will indicate to you whether or not the price will be changed from our Standard pricing when having your full service with a Master Stylist or an Emerging Stylist. Standard Pricing remains the same for all our Senior Stylists!

*Please Note: Emerging Stylist work under the supervision of our Senior and Master Stylists in Salon, and might require their guidance and/or assistance with services being provided to you.