Our regular pricing is what you will see on our price lists. Most of our services are performed at this price. For some services, we have a lower or higher price depending on who performs the service.

Master Stylist

These stylists are team members who are typically the hairdressers who have built a large client base. They have been promoted to a Master Stylist due to their performance and experience. Most services will be charged at 5% more than the regular price.

Emerging Stylist

These stylists are our upcoming senior stylists. They are qualified in the work they will be performing, however, have less experience. This work will be supervised by a Senior Stylist.  Most services will be 35% less than our regular pricing.

How to find which services change in price due to bookings with an Emerging Stylist or Master Stylist.

Alongside each service category on the price list is an EM or MS. This will tell you if the price will be changed when having your full service with this type of stylist. *an Emerging Stylist might still be used to help a Senior Stylist or Master Stylist with services they are doing for you.