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Epic Hair Designs is proud to offer Ammonia Free Colour options for our clients in all 15 Brisbane salons. We offer Goldwell’s Nectaya Colour Range which is an amazing shade portfolio. As a result, the ammonia-free shades available with Nectaya include Blonde, Brown, and Red. Epic Hair Designs offers you unlimited possibilities both in the warm and cool color spectrum in this range. The flexible mixing of shades enables you to unleash all your creativity.

Nectaya was developed in over 6 years of extensive research driven by Goldwell’s absolute dedication to colour perfection. With 7 patents pending, the result is a unique combination of technologies that nurtures the hair for a noticeably healthier feeling.

what is ammonia?

Ammonia is an agent that provides alkalinity and raises the pH of hair colorants. It works in hair colour by swelling the hair which allows for more penetration of dye inside the hair shaft. Ammonia has been a popular ingredient for hair colour. At Epic Hair Designs we understand that some clients may have sensitive skin, where ammonia is an irritant. This is where our ammonia free-range would be the best choice for you.

The benefits of ammonia-free colour

There are many benefits of Ammonia Free Colour, including hair regaining its natural smoothness and manageability. Another benefit is that Nectaya is also super nurturing and gentle during application. It also provides up to 100% grey coverage and natural, lively color results. In comparison, regular hair dyes containing ammonia may irritate the skin or provide an unpleasant smell to clients. Nectaya without ammonia is different. It has no irritants and provides a pleasant fragrance. Furthermore, Nectaya contains up to 91% of natural origin ingredients enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil. Nectaya also has a cosmetic cream consistency and is applied using a simple 2 step usage system. For more details about Nectaya, visit our colour partner page Goldwell.

Ammonia Free Means Less Damage and Less Irritation

Our Ammonia Free Colour Process

Nectaya Colour Lotion

Nectaya Nurturing Developer Lotion

Rich Formula available in several concentraitions to meet all colour needs. The creamy consistenxy is easy to apply and pleasent on the scalp

Nectaya Developer Cream

Nectaya Nurturing Colour Cream

Super nurturing hair colour for noticbly healthier hair. Intermixable shades to meet all colour needs. For refined, rich and deep colour results with exceptional colour brilliance

Nectaya Products

Nectaya Enriches Naturals

Perfect grey coverage and smooth hair in one step. Naturak smoothness, manageability and shine for an incredible rejuvenated hair feel. Super nurturing care and gentleness. Caring cosmetic cream consistency, without ammonia and without odor for maxiumum comfort

The Benefits Of Ammonia Free

The Benefits Of Choosing Ammonia-Free

• Colour without ammonia
• Uncompromising performance of a permanent color: Up to 100% grey coverage and up to 3 levels of lift
• The first-ever permanent hair color with patented IntraLipid: to replenish lost lipids inside the hair
• Up to 91% ingredients of natural origin*
• Enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil
• Cosmetic cream consistency with a 100 % natural fragrance
• Simple 2 step usage system

* Incl. water.

How do you get started? It's easy.

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We are much more than just hairdressing.

Nectaya is a permanent ammonia-free color product that nurtures the hair resulting in rich, brilliant color and 100% grey coverage

Up to 91% of Nectaya ingredients of natural origin*
 Enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil

Yes, Nectaya is suitable for most hair. Before your service commences, you can request Nectaya at the time of booking or in salon. Your stylist will complete a consutlation form with you and will decide how to best achieve your desired look. Please note, depending on your current hair health, some colour and lightening services may not be possible as we aim to keep your hair as healthy as possible and not cause any further damage

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