How to Keep Coloured Hair Vibrant and Healthy

Coloured hair has been in vogue for quite some time now, especially since celebrities began flocking to the copper hair trend. All signs say it’s time to have fun with your locks again! And our Epic stylists love an excuse to do a dream transformation. But anyone who has tried to maintain coloured hair knows how much work it is to stop it from fading. Because what’s the point of having a stunning colour applied in the salon only for it to wash down the drain? 

Continuously colouring and lightening your hair causes the hair cuticle to become exposed and damaged, leaving the hair feeling dry and brittle. Keeping coloured hair healthy means hydrating it, not over-washing it, and nourishing your strands with the right treatments. So, for this reason, you should invest in some extra products to turn your coloured hair journey into a success story.  

1. A Luxurious Serum 

Developing a good haircare routine for your coloured hair doesn’t stop at shampoo and conditioner. Adding oils and serums is just as important to support the health of your hair in between washes. A nourishing treatment serum is the perfect remedy to boost your hair condition, helping it feel luxe rather than lank.  

Our favourite? At Epic Hair Designs, we love to supercharge our client’s hair with Oribe Power Drops – Colour Preservation Booster. This highly concentrated treatment serum has gained a celebrity following and a permanent position in the salons of the best tressed. The serum acts as a shield against UV rays and enhances colour retention for healthier hair and long-lasting colour. Uniting skin care-grade technology with timeless glamour, this treatment is nothing short of hair care alchemy. 



2. Kérastase – Colour Care Combo 

Never compromise your coloured hair again! There’s a reason why colour-protective shampoos and conditioners were invented. While regularly shampooing your hair can wash away its badass colour, we offer formulas that actually work to protect your colour. How? We use products like our latest collection by Kérastase, which contain high-tech active ingredients like centella asiatica for soothing antioxidants, amino acids to reinforce hair from within, and lactic acid that gently exfoliates to reveal healthy, shiny strands.  

We are absolutely obsessed with the entire Chroma Absolu Collection as it’s specifically designed for colour-treated hair. Using skincare-inspired technology to build and maintain the health of your strands from the inside out. This colour-care combo respects the hair fibre to prevent colour fade without weighing down your hair.  



3. Quality Treatment  

There are many treatments available that can help you master every colour on your mood ring without taking your hair home in a doggy bag. If you’ve ever coloured your hair with Epic Hair Designs, then you might be familiar with Olaplex (if not, then this is your sign to get acquainted). Olaplex treatments are loved by our clients for their ability to repair damaged, colour-treated hair, as well as deliver a glossy and strengthening finish. The system has allowed our serial colourists to do what they’ve always dreamed of. These products prevent breakage during the colouring process and ‘glue’ together with the broken bonds. 

Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother is designed to eliminate frizz and moisturise chemically treated hair, while No.3 Hair Perfector (which, Kim Kardashian swears by) works to restore a satin shine and soft texture. You can shop the range at your nearest Epic Hair salon! You’ll be slathering these products all over your hair from the second you get your hands on them.  



4. A Weekly Hair Mask  

Maintaining your flaunt-worthy colour is largely reliant on the health of your hair. If the hair is porous, then the colour will drop out of the follicle faster. We recommend using an intensive mask to replace your conditioner instead – it’s an absolute game changer for adding moisture to your hair! Just 5-10 minutes of masking each time you wash your hair can add a super dose of healing nourishment that helps repair breakage, increase shine, and maintain that radiant colour for longer. 

Goldwell’s Kerasilk Colour Intensive Mask is sure to extend the life of your in-salon colour. The complete Goldwell Kerasilk collection has colour blending silk for luxurious protection, keratin for structural support within the hair, and specifically tailored skin care-inspired ingredients which prolong Goldwell colour results. 



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