Experience the ultimate scalp exfoliation with Fusio Scrub

scalp exfoliation with fusio scrub

Discover the ultimate scalp exfoliation with Fusio Scrub. Our new intensive cleansing and exfoliating in-salon treatment. Created with an essential oil boost that awakens the scalp and adds volume to hair.

Scalp health is truly the first step to reaching radiant hair. Indulge in the cleansing power of scrubs coupled with the sensory experience of essential oils. The scalp is the foundation of the hair and the head’s first line of defense against the outside world. Keep your hair fresh and protect it from outside pollutants and the build-up of styling products with Fusio Scrub.

 Experience the ultimate deep cleanse for healthy hair and a beautiful scalp.

Fusio scrub is a skincare-inspired treatment that acts as a facial for the scalp. Fusio Scrub is an in-salon service that deeply cleanses and revitalizes, freeing the scalp and hair from any impurities. The hair is left with a lightness and a lifted root. The look is pure volume and radiance. The mindset shifts from the worries of the day to a fresh outlook on everything.

Your personalised ritual


Energising VS Soothing

Scrub Energisant is a sea salt scrub that is designed for more oily scalps. Combined with the freshness of florals and a clarifying aquatic fragrance, the scrub reinvigorates the head.

Scrub Apaisant is a scrub for sensitive scalps. Designed as a calming, gel based scrub with jojoba seeds and sweet orange peel. The scent is uplifting with a beautiuly citrus zest that you will love.

Pair your scrub with a bespoke essential oil

Scalp Exfoliation Fusio Scrub


Designed to stimulate and energise.


Scalp Exfoliation Fusio Scrub


Designed to awaken and uplift.

Scalp Exfoliation Fusio Scrub


Designed to soother and calm.

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