The Best Fringe For Your Face Shape

Fringes transform looks every day especially when you match your face shape with the best fringe possible. Visiting your hairdresser for a fresh fringe tends to signify the beginning of a new style or even a life change so we want you to feel assured you’re picking the right fringe for you. The best fringes always hero your best facial features.

Whether that means long and layered or even blunt fringes these looks add balance and symmetry to your face. Soft, wispy fringes can even contrast sharper jawlines while dramatic side fringes can be cut to add more dimension to rounder face shapes. These considerations are always evaluated by your stylist beforehand to ensure your look is exactly what you’re after although as long as your fringe makes you feel confident that’s all that matters. Keep scrolling for all the fringe inspiration.

Emma Stone Hair
Side fringe for round face shapes

Side fringes are super popular and work beautifully on those with round face shapes which are soft around the edges and often wider in the cheeks. Emma Stone pictured above has rocked a side fringe for years and we love how much it suits her.

Selena Gomez Hair fringe
tHe best fringe for heart faced shapes: crescent fringe

Selena Gomez’s look has inspired the world for it’s chic, 70’s style, and is a go-to for heart-shaped faces. This fringe has grown in popularity and looks good on most people, although particularly great on heart-shaped faces. This face shape is wide at the top and draw to a point at the chin. This long feathery fringe is a trend right now and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

The best fringe for heart faced shapes: baby fringes

If you’re not concerned with your fringe creating symmetry for your face shape of balancing it out, a fun option is a baby fringe. Slightly more feathery than a crescent fringe and not blunt at all. Constance Wu rocks this fringe.

Ariana Grande Fringe
The best fringe for oval face shapes: soft blunt fringe

Oval faces tend to always have more length in the face than round, but are still soft at the chin. Soft blunt fringes cut straight across the forehead and always flatter oval faces like Ariana Grande’s.

Thanks for reading. See you in salon soon.

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