The Short Look

The shorter the hair… the longer they stare

Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Zendaya are just a handful of the many celebrities who have been trading in their long locks for an easier stylish Pixie Crop. For those with a busier lifestyle, short hair is ideal with many benefits. Imagine just jumping out of bed in the morning, adding a bit of product and off you go. With short hair you can either towel dry and tousle or simply fluff it with your fingers.

Why Short Hair?

You are not just keeping with this cool trend when you have your hair cut in this style – you also feel younger. The ever-growing popular Pixie Crop style is actually a perfect all-rounder that is easy to style in your daily routine. This is definitely simpler to spice up when you have to attend formal gatherings.

How to Style Short Hair

Show off your pretty face with short hair by adding some soft curls with a curling iron or straightener or some texture with product. You and your stylist can create a personalised look which can show off your best features. By providing only the leading brands in hairdressing products, Goldwell, KMS, Moroccan oil, Olaplex and GHD, Epic Hair Designs have a wide selection of take home products to allow you to recreate your wonderful in salon look at home.

It’s time for a change

With all of this on offer there is no excuse not to provide your hair with what it deserves. Don’t delay pop down to your nearest Epic Hair Designs for your own personalised complimentary consultation with one of our hairdressers today. Book Online today!

The Medium-Length Look

Not too long… Not too Short…

Medium length hairstyles are the cut of 2018. More practical than long hair and more versatile than a crop, this low-maintenance look is taking over and here to stay. From Alexa Chung’s grown-out bob to Kate Moss’ mussed-up bed-head, Whether you’ve got longer hair and are looking to go a bit shorter, or you already have medium length hair and you’re looking for chic ways to style it.

Why Mid Length Hair?

Whatever your hair type or texture, there’s a medium-length style to suit all occasions, from work to weddings. Not only is it an A-List favourite but it’s versatile and easy to style. If it’s sleek and straight you’re after, channel Rita Ora’s party look, or if it’s tousled and natural, Jessica Alba’s new hairdo is a must-try. Emma Stone has been wowing on the red carpet recently with curled styles, from voluminous waves to retro-look ringlets.

How to Choose the Best Mid-Length Cut for You

The Bob

The long bob is trending right now. We’re talking a blunt cut just above the shoulders that’s not too blunt. Your hairdresser can stack layers in the back to add dimension. Another option is the asymmetric bob,where you have one side longer than the other, and also have it longer in the front and shorter in the back. Combined with a low, straight fringe, you’ve really got an edge. And your neck will definitely appear to have more length. For a more edgy look, your Epic stylist can thin out the ends with scissors or a razor.

The Shag

Let’s rock’n roll baby! Whether your hair is thick or thin, medium shag hairstyles offer a ton of possibilities. You can go for the straight rock chick look in the typical shag by asking for thick piece-y ends. Or you get your Epic stylist to flick out the ends and feather some layers in. Make sure your fringe is not too short and just skims the brows and not too long that you  always have to push your hair out of your eyes. If your hair is gorgeously thick, go for disconnected layering to bring about some movement, but only minimal.


There are so many ways to layer medium-length hair. Try shorter in the back and longer in the front, with a long fringe swept to the side. Overall, this look is lovely, pushing hair towards the face and framing it.  The opposite is the windswept look where you have longer layers that are shorter in the back and longer in front. If you’ve got curly hair, short to medium layers will help you manage your hair and keep it looking light. Even better, parting it on the side will give you a real carefree look.

Choppy Lob

Now the fancy name for this is ‘chin-length undercut’. Think Sienna Miller. It’s a longish bob that is cut blunt and uniform without any layering and is great for thick hair with a natural wave. The ends can be chopped, meaning they vary in length to give that jagged look. If you want to look statuesque, this is the cut to go for. You can have a part in the middle or on the side – or no part at all! But for a smooth look, you’ll need your hair serum.

Thinking of joining the ranks of these fashionistas with a mid-length cut? then head down to 1 of our 12 locations across Brisbane to visit any of our friendly staff. You can also simply book online.

Long Length Hair Styles

Rapunzel… Rapunzel… where do you get your hair done?

Long hairstyles are classic and Chic. Long hair can be incredibly versatile, you can wear it loose, in a plait, with braids; you can wear it up or with accessories, and you can try out many different colours and styles. Some of our celebrity inspirations include Kim Kardashian with her poker-straight locks, Lea Michele with her curly ombre ‘do, Blake Lively and her gorgeous blonde mane, and Rihanna with her ever-changing long hairstyles. If you don’t want to wait for your locks to get long then there is always Showpony Hair Extensions! Used for the Melbourne fashion festival and by many celebrities Australia wide, Showpony Hair Extensions are perfect to add length, volume and body to your hair.

How to Wear Your Long Hair

Straight or Curly

Both looks are achieved with blow dry and hot iron styling which may seem intimidating but oh so easy to acheive at home. Have you Epic stylist show you a few tips and tricks throughout your appointment and you will be a pro in no time! Keep straight hair polished and frizz free using a anti-humidity spray and keep bouncy curls in tact with a good quality sea spray or hair spray all available for any one of our 12 Brisbane salons.


You can make an immediate Epic change simply by having a fringe, also called a bang! To start off you can try a side fringe, it’s not a huge commitment but still a nice change. Your bangs are basically cut to be swept to the side. You can try a wispy fringe or something heavier, depending on your face shape and features. Your Epic stylists can help you make a wise decision. For those that like to surprise their friends with some real wow factor, have a “full fringe” cut in to add a real statement piece.

Facial Framing and Layering

This means a slight layering of only the hair that falls directly around your face. It can be cut in soft and subtle, or choppy and textured. This will add a level of interest to the hair without being a major home styling commitment. It’s basically a face framing technique that adds texture without removing length – whew!

Medium and Long Layers

If your hair has that “hanging” or “lifeless” feeling then adding layers throughout your style may just be the change you’ve been seeking. Layers are great for giving bounce back to curls and enhancing the natural movement of your hair.

Colours, Braids, Balayage and more…

If you don’t want to go the way of fringes, texturing or layering, there’s still so much you can do. Think colour change, braids, buns or even Balayage (the gradual blending from dark roots to lighter ends) Come speak to our Epic Stylists to find out what style works best for you. You can book an appointment online or pop into any of our locations across Brisbane.

What is the best hairstyle for your face shape?

An important key to choosing the perfect haircut and style for is to know the shape of your face. A haircut that is perfect for your face shape will be flattering and bring out the best in your facial features. Don’t know your face shape? Well, get in front of that mirror and let’s sort this out! Pull your hair back off your face and trace the outline of your face onto the mirror with an old lipstick or whiteboard marker. Now, is it long, oval, square, round, or heart/triangular shaped? So now you know your face shape, what’s the best haircut and hair style for your face?


Blunt Straight-across Bangs: If your oval face is a little long, straight bangs that just skim below or across the brow line can give an illusion of width, breaking up the length. The good ol’ flatiron will do a good job of keeping them blunt. Two longer pieces on either side can create a softer look. (Just remember not to choose a style that’s going to cover up that lovely face.)

Bob with Side Bangs: A bob that grazes your collarbone and is set off with side-swept bangs will not only break up a long face but add softness. In fact, side-swept bangs can pretty much suit any face shape. These are a great option if you have those wonderfully annoying cowlicks or widow’s peaks.

Edgy Short Cut: If you want to be noticed, this is the cut. There’s nothing sexier and more feminine that showing off your neck and ears. Try layers through the front of your hair and bangs that finish at about the middle of your forehead. This is where a little styling wax or paste can help your style look piecey.


Straight and long: A square shape face is very strong and angular. It says, “I am a powerful woman!” If you want that message to keep strong then you can stay with very long and straight hair, which will emphasis your square strong jaw.

Wavy Ends: Most people with a square shape face would like to add some softness. If your hair is long you can achieve this with having waves from the ears down. How to get that look sported by Megan Fox? Use a large round brush to smooth your hair and then spritz on a wave spray.

Angled Bob: Try an angled cut with long pieces in front, which gradually get shorter toward the back. This cut has the effect of lengthening instead of widening the face. A mono-length would have the opposite effect and be too severe. The angled bob is also good for a round face.

Tousled Shag: A uneven cut with mixed lengths, a  shag, will give your hair body, emphasising layers and de-emphasising the squareness of your face


Sleek Ponytail:  If you have a round face, chances are your face might look a little chubby. Pulling your hair back into a sleek middle to high ponytail will prevent adding bulk around your face, slimming your face, and will add definition. Keep it nice and smooth, and not bouncy, and pull it back above the height of your ears.

Defined PixieThe popular pixie cut is certainly charming, with all the cute little pieces emphasising your cheekbones and eyes. It can balance out a stronger jawline too. Applying wax or a pomade will give definition and texture.

Uneven cut with mixed lengths: Parting you hair on the side, with long, side-swept bangs will certainly slim the appearance of your face. Combine that with an uneven cut with mixed lengths. If you prefer a centre part, grow your hair until it is just a few centimetres below your shoulders and make sure your layers end at the jawline.


Bouncy Bob: Faces shaped like a triangle will be softened with hair that ends just below the jaw and has a little body to fill in that area around the chin and blur the chin line.

Deep Side Part: For long hair, it’s best to have a deep side part and then add some side-swept bangs. Boy, will your eyes pop! Go for long, layered waves with a few pieces of hair falling between the ears and nose to fill in the chin area. Waves can be created, but only from the ears down.

Long, layered waves: Just as we mentioned above, allow a few pieces of hair to fall between the ears and nose. This will offset the width of your lovely ‘heart’. Longer layers again can fill in around your chin. Having your hair skimming your shoulders or just below will draw eyes away from your chinny chin chin and create balance! Keep waves, again, from the ears down. If you have full waves on top, that will only serve to emphasise the point at the bottom of your chin.

If you come into any of our 8 locations across Brisbane, our well trained and friendly staff will spend time making sure you are comfortable with the right cut for your look. Pop in or simply book online.

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