Side Part Or Middle Part? What you need to know.

Side Part Or Middle Part? What you need to know.

Switching up your makeup is easy and can be wiped away even easier. Most of us approach changing our hair with a little more thought because typically, it takes time to alter a haircut and colour. Which is why we are weighing in to let you know that the simple choice of changing your part can completely transform your look! Also, swapping up your part does not require a commitment, at all! What we know is that people have very strong, decisive feelings on this topic. In fact, if you’re on Tik Tok or Insta you’ll know it means an all our war between Gen Zers and millennials. Even the validity of skinny jeans has now been thrown into the mix. It’s a whole thing.

Recently, middle parts have become a huge hair trend, but it’s one that not everyone is willing to accept. Not sure which side you’re on? We are discussing both: Side Part Or Middle Part? What you need to know.

In general, a center part will highlight the angularity of your face. Side-parts, on the other hand, will work to soften your features by adding a bit of asymmetry. This doesn’t mean you should just stick to one part, you’re going to accentuate other features of your face by switching it up. You can draw attention to your cheekbones by aligning your part right where your cheekbones rise.

PARTING TIPs from our team:

Altering your part every so often can actually create more volume in your hair. Do you struggle with greasy hair or regrowth? Sometimes altering the position of your part can subtly reduce the appearance of regrowth or even greasiness. Our team has mentioned the phrase ‘just go with it’ a few times throughout our parting chats. What they mean is, naturally your hair should part where it will feel most comfortable.

how to find the part you’ll love?

There are a few schools of thought. Our stylists can recommend the part for you based on your faceshape. Check out our article here on the best hairstyles for your face shape. We recommend taking a lot of selfies because photos are honest. Before you change your part do a fun experiment where you part your hair far off to the side, take a pic, and then move slowly to the center. Then take a look at your snaps and see how the part affects your face shape. Your new part may take a little getting used to, but what good things don’t, right?

Take a look at the pics below of side and middle parts that we love!

Thanks for reading Side Part Or Middle Part? What you need to know. If you are beginning to think you may need a change or a professional opinion from one of our stylists, book in for a complimentary consultation at any 1 of our 16 Brisbane or Hope Island salon locations.

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