Saddle Up: Cowgirl Copper is Officially Trending!

Copper continues to be one of the most coveted hair colours of 2023, but there’s one particular tone that has been set to lead the herd. Step aside, blondes and brunettes; because when it comes to colour, Cowgirl Copper has got our vote. So, buckle up and let’s unearth the western allure of this hue that’s redefining the redhead game. 

Imagine the vibrant essence of a desert sunset, or the natural rust of an untouched copper coin. That’s Cowgirl Copper for you, a colour that’s been kissed by the wild and untamed spirit of the west, making it anything but mundane. Inspired by the super rich, copper and caramel hues of Western leather, Cowgirl Copper is the most in demand hair colour trend of 2023. The look features a super glossy, rich caramel tone that sits comfortably between brunette and copper. It’s the colour for those who prefer something statement, but wearable and a little more lowkey.

cowgirl copper

It takes its cue from the world of fashion, which has seen an explosion in Western influences. With celebs sporting cowboy boots as a new fashion staple, and brands showcasing subtle Western references in their collections, it was only a matter of time before we saw ‘cowgirl copper’.  

Just like the expensive brunette look, cowgirl copper can look seriously luxe when done right. This looks amazing when coloured from root to tip and the focal point is on the intense shine this warm, rich tone provides. It oozes opulence and will look transformative in a subtle way. 

cowgirl copper

And the best part is? This hue isn’t just a one-horse show! One of the most striking attributes of Cowgirl Copper is its sheer versatility. This isn’t just about redheads having more fun, it’s about everyone joining the hoedown. From the fairest complexions to those blessed with deep, rich tones, Cowgirl Copper offers a western allure with a warm sun-touched glow. 

To really amp up the appeal of Cowgirl Copper, consider throwing in some sun-kissed highlights. The result? A multi-dimensional and dynamic head of hair that will appear as though it’s been kissed by the sun itself. Plus, some natural looking halo highlights will brighten up the face and give you that rich desert glow. 

cowgirl copper

Of course, this fabulous shade, like anything worthwhile, demands a degree of commitment. Stock up on some colour-preserving products to keep your copper locks looking salon fresh. We recommend Kérastase Chroma Absolu collection to conserve colour from rinsing out too quickly. Sure, it might mean a few extra salon trips, but every hardworking cowgirl knows a thing or two about maintenance. 

So, why not grab life by the reins, and go for this warm, radiant, and utterly fabulous hair trend? Embrace your inner cowgirl and show the world you’re ready to stand out from the herd.