Hairstyles to frame your face

Hairstyles to frame your face

Here at Epic Hair Designs, we are committed to helping you live your life with fabulous hair and helping you find hairstyles to frame your face. Finding a hairstyle you’ll love always means working with your favourite features. Hair truly has the power to contour your entire face shape which is why we want you to know that whatever features you want to work with, there is a hairstyle for you.

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Oval face shape

There are various haircuts available for those with an oval face. These face shapes tend to always have more length in the face than round, but are still soft at the chin. When opting for your haircut, avoid a style that ends at the chin because this will actually lengthen the face. A soft fringe will help to reduce the appearance of a long face shape by balancing out a more pronounced chin.


If a fringe isn’t your thing, ask your stylist to introduce some subtle layers to your look. Layers frame the face, especially when the stands are cut to end at the ears and cheekbones. This way the hair draws attention to that area rather than possibly elongating your face.

Hairstyles to frame your face
Side part

A side part, naturally tilts the line of your face to the side which helps to draw attention to your eyes rather than your chin.Parting your hair this way is an easy way to add dimension and face framing.

Hairstyles to frame your face
Long layers

If you’re rocking longer hair or have thicker, fuller hair starting your layers below the chin are a great way to add some dimension to your lengths. Long hair all the same length doesn’t work to frame the face, which is why we recommend breaking up the length with some layers.

Hairstyles to frame your face
Heart Shaped face

Round faces look amazing with dimensional short bobs. By either ending the hair length at the chin or by ending layers at chin length, this adds face-framing that will draw attention to the angular features of your face and away from already pronounced cheeks.

Hairstyles to frame your face

Long bobs are great on a square face, especially when there are soft layers involved to frame the face. An angled cut that is slightly longer than your chin creates dimensions and helps to avoid a boxy effect that would occur at chin length. For someone with a square face like Keira Knightley’s face, you can see how an angled bob elongates the face while maintaining face-framing.

Interested in adding some face framing to your current look? Visit your closest Epic Hair Designs salon so one of our talented stylists can transform your look.

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