Why you need an ashy blonde bob

The iconic, ashy blonde bob is more attainable than you think. Are you already blonde or thinking of beginning the journey to achieve a white platinum look? We want you to know that every bit of maintenance at home and in salon is worth it. Not only is this cooler platinum shade amazing if you’re wanting something different but it’s a statement that’s is well and truly here to stay.

Here’s what you need to know

1. There are various shades of white on the blonde scale

This isn’t obvious but it is key that you figure out the tone of blonde you’re after if you’re serious about getting on this journey. From creamy whites to ashy grey to almost purple platinums your stylist will create your colour journey based on your goal.



2. depending on what your colour is now there are different techniques to achieve blondes


Here at Epic Hair Designs, we are Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s blonde specialists.For a seamless all over ashy blonde like our Epic Hair Model pictured above, Melinda Richelle’s and Kim Kardashians iconic blonde look we recommend a scalp bleach service. A scalp bleach service offers an all over, dense colour for a statement that’s ready to last. Ashy blonde tones can also be achieved with foils. Foiled ashy blonde colours can achieve the same result and can also provide a deeper array of tones if you’re looking for more of a natural array of blonde tones throughout the hair.


Kim Kardashian Short Hair Blonde Platinum Bob


Ashy blonde bob



3. If you’re wanting to achieve an ashy blonde colour be prepared to keep the maintenance up


Ashy blonde tones naturally inflict more damage on the hair to achieve the lightness which is why it’s crucial to treat the hair with Olaplex every step of the way alongside visiting the salon for toners and colour refreshes every 4-6 weeks. If you can we recommend pre-treating your hair with Olaplex No.3 treatments prior to your colour application in the salon. This will upgrade the integrity of your hair to strengthen the bonds. As an official Olaplex hairdresser we recommend including an olaplex treatment in your colour to further maintain and protect the health of your hair throughout the colouring process.

4. Cared for correctly, it will be the best colour you’ve ever had

Depending on whether you and your stylist decide to pursue foils or a scalp bleach, the journey to icy ashy blonde is worth every minute. This eyecatching statement is drop dead gorgeous. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch there’s no better time than now to book in with your closest Epic Hair Designs Master Colourist to begin your journey to icy blonde.It’s time to channel your inner Cara Delivigne, Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez!

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