We Just Found the Perfect Drink for Spring (And the Hair Colour to Match) 

spring hair trend

Perfect for the happiest of hours on long sunny days and zesty, fresh nights… 

As the weather warms up, we’re all looking for that fresh sip to grace our tastebuds and that perfect hair colour to complete our spring transformation. Guess what? We’ve found both!  

If we had to describe our perfect spring? It’s sun-drenched days that blur into cool breezy evenings as the cold weather gets whisked away. It’s long brunches with your girlfriends; spring staycations and self-pampering; the smell of flowers blooming enjoyed with a gelato in hand… It’s the sweet life, and we think we’ve just found the perfect drink to match: the lavender and lemon drop spritz. A distinctly Italian blend of style, elegance and zest, the lemon drop spritz is the perfect partner to Spring – think aperitivo hour on a Sunday, alfresco cheeseboards after a walk in the park… you get the idea.  

Spring hair trends

This citrusy, hot-weather soda makes the perfect brunch cocktail, thanks to its punchy flavors and bubbly effervescence. 

Meet the Lavendar and Lemon Drop Spritz! The epitome of spring in a glass. Think of it as flowers blooming and sunshine that you can sip. With a delicious blend of sweet, salty, and sour, this easy-to-make cocktail is a refreshing escape from the mundane. The pucker and prick of this classic cocktail is as straightforward as can be, and hardly needs any tweaking. 

Here’s how to make it:  

  • 30ml shot of Vodka  
  • 15ml of Lemon Juice  
  • 15ml of Triple Sec 
  • 2 sprigs of lavendar  
  • A splash of soda water  
  • A dash of salt  

Mix vodka, lemon juice, and triple sec in a shaker. Pour into a glass over ice, top with soda, and garnish with a lemon wheel, a dash of salt and 2 sprigs of lavender freshly plucked! (You can also use fresh basil or mint). Voila, you’re sipping spring!  

spring cocktail
Image from: SimplyMadeEats

The Perfect Match: Sun-Kissed Citrus Blonde

Remember the good ol’ days when mum would squeeze lemon juice onto your tresses, turning them a shade lighter as you basked in the sun? That nostalgic charm is back and better than ever with our perfect match for your Lemon Drop Spritz—introducing Sun-Kissed Citrus Blonde!  

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill blonde. Oh no, we’re talking about a radiant hue that captures the very effervescence of your springtime cocktail. Imagine the golden luminosity of a beachside sunset, coupled with the zest of freshly squeezed lemons. That’s Sun-Kissed Citrus Blonde for you.  

To achieve this sparkling shade, consult with your stylist about lightening your base to a rich golden blonde. This look is all about that golden elixir shade that hits the perfect balance between brightness and boldness. Elevate the look with warm vanilla cream highlights, focusing on your layers and face frame to add that extra sun-kissed glow.  

This glowing trend is a stunner on medium-based natural hair. Darker base colours may require a bit more effort to lighten, but the end result is well worth it. One pro tip: steer clear of purple shampoos, as they may dull your golden luminance.  

spring hair trend


Get ready to toast to a fabulous spring season with your Lemon Drop Spritz in one hand and your Sun-Kissed Citrus Blonde locks shimmering in the sunlight! We suddenly feel the urge to stir up a cocktail!