This Olaplex Bun Is TikTok’s Favourite Hair Hack

One of the hottest hair trends gracing your feeds lately involves two of our favourite hair hacks: a sleek, pulled-back bun and Olaplex! From celebrities to Tik Tok influencers, everyone has carried on the trend of applying this reparative product to their hair, slicking it back into a bun, and going about their day while the treatment works its magic.

The “hack” has been crowned the “Olaplex bun” and those who have tried it only have good things to say! The appeal is obvious: the trick enables a deep conditioning of the hair while sporting a fashionable hairstyle that can be worn in public, no questions asked!

While the concept is simple, the question remains: is this truly an effective way to deeply condition your hair? Interestingly, gathering the hair into a bun may enhance the treatment’s effectiveness compared to leaving the hair down. Nunzio Saviano, the owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York, explains, “The hair in the bun tends to retain warmth and moisture. The heat opens up the cuticle of the damp hair, allowing the treatment to penetrate deeply into the cortex and work its magic.”

To try the Olaplex bun, start by washing your hair as you normally would in the shower, using shampoo to eliminate any product buildup, dirt, and oils. Our stylists suggest using KMS Head Remedy Deep Cleanse Shampoo to really clean your hair and scalp. Once the hair is still damp, apply Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 to the ends, where conditioner is typically applied. Some TikTok users have also shared that they use Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother, which is a styling treatment that fights frizz and strengthens the hair.

After this step, you can leave the treatment on for as long as desired. Our stylists advise that the duration depends on the dryness and damage level of your hair. Leaving it on for about 20 minutes should be sufficient for the hair to absorb the nutrients from a deep conditioner. However, you have the option to leave it on for the entire day or even several hours during a night out (or in)! You can use Olaplex Hair Perfector as frequently as needed, ranging from weekly to monthly applications (we recommend weekly!).

If you aim to achieve that Hailey Beiber-inspired slicked back bun, here are a few expert tips to follow. According to our stylists, you can apply Olaplex No.3 from the mid-shaft to the ends of damp hair. Then, use a small amount of Olaplex Bonding Oil on the remaining hair. Create a parting with a comb, smoothing the hair as close to the scalp as possible on both sides. Twist the length of your hair into a low bun and secure it with bobby pins. If preferred, leave two strands of hair framing your face outside the bun. Whether your focus is on the appearance of your hair in public or giving your treatment an extra boost, the Olaplex bun is a reliable choice. TikTok users have certainly discovered something noteworthy.