Would you consider this trend? The return of the perm.

The return of the perm. The trend responsible for some of the 80’s most iconic and memorable looks may be back…Fear not, the modern look we have been receiving requests from in salon is far less Barbra Streisand and more an intense mix of curls. 

That’s right, the perm may conjure distant memories of Kylie Minogue, or Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow although we want you to know the look has been modified since! Modernised, the reinvented style is gentler and perhaps more subtle, depending on what you’re after. Models in 2020 with a natural wave or curl spent noticeably less time in hair this season, with globally known stylists embracing the movement. Where the natural curl was missing, it was created. From the likes of Halpern and Michael Kors celebrating the look, featuring women with tight waist-length curls. Whether it’s the inevitable swing of trends from season to season heroing effortless, bed head hair or simply a fashion response to the wearable, moody elegance being seen on the runway. Curls are back.


The return of the perm 2020

Designers such as Emporio Armani are also taking note of the trends where the models are seen with more of a zigzagged curl for a tighter more modern take on the finger wave, a true nod to the disco era.

Our salons have started receiving more requests for perms from guests ready to farewell straight roots and welcome the permanent solution.

return of perm trend
Exactly what is a perm?

All Epic Hair Designs salons offer perming. The treatment requires a chemical intervention. The treatment alters the bond in your hair, effectively changing the hairs natural movement so it can be reworked into a new shape. Curl results that are looser than decades past, where results the size of a rod or roller can be created. Get ready to commit to this new look, it’s important it’s taken care of at home to moisturise and rejuvenate the hair post-treatment. We see a true variety of what our guests want from a perm. Some are after movement and wave whereas others really are craving the run of the defined, tight curl.

perm brisbane
What we recommend
1. Perms aren’t for everyone.

Your hair health is always top of mind. Your stylist will ensure your hair’s condition is even from roots to ends before applying the treatment to ensure your hair’s integrity won’t be compromised. Depending on the structure of your hair this might mean you’ll need to cut your hair. It may also mean you’ll need to avoid bleaching it beforehand for an effective finish. Your stylist will bespoke the look for you depending on your expectations.

2. Bring photos.

Ready to take on the return of the perm? Think about the length and exact style you’re after and prepare some inspo pics to show your stylist.

3. The treatment takes time

Be prepared for about an appointment that could take as long as a colour visit.

4. Home hair care is important

When your hair begins to grow we recommend using a root lift spray and some dry shampoo to disguise any awkward transitional growth strands.

5. Your hair health is our top priority

Curled hair always appears shorter so a fresh cut beforehand will help to maintain the health of your hair from roots to ends post-treatment.


Thanks for reading. Interested in ROCKING THE RETURN OF THE PERM? Book an appointment at your closest BRISBANE OR GOLD COAST Epic Hair Designs salon.

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