Reduce Grey Hair in Men

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This one is for all the men out there starting to see a few or a lot of grey strands

Is it time to colour your hair? Make sure you read this first! Introducing Goldwell – Mens Reshade. This product has been specially designed for men, to give them consistently natural, grey reduction with no visible regrowth, and it works in only 5 minutes!

The process is very simple:

  • Consult with your Epic stylist on the right colour shade for you.
  • Your stylist will then apply the reshade foam at the basin.
  • Wait 5 minutes.
  • Enjoy a relaxing head massage.
  • Blow dry and your done!

You will looking visibly fresher and younger in minutes. This is so quick, you could even have a Reshade in your lunch break

More benefits besides being time smart

No regrowth look: As the colour is soft, transparent and natural looking you will experience a gradual fade out. So should you wish for no one to notice you have started colouring your hair, this is a good option for you. You will not see a “colour band” or roots coming through, giving that “regrwoth” look.

Your hair appears fuller: Once you have had your Redshade, you may notice your hair visually has more fullness.

No brassy tones: All of the different shades to choose from are cool-tone, based, so you won’t see any unwanted yellow/orange/brassy tones in your hair.

We like to think we have all the bases covered on this one. If this service sounds like it will benefit you, contact your local Epic Hair Designs salon to try a Goldwell Men Reshade colour. We have a friendly experienced team ready to attend to all of your hair needs.

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