Statement Undercut Hairstyles

12 Undercut Hairstyles that make a real statement.

The change of season from winter to spring is a great time for a ‘crossover’ design to set you up for a fabulous summer! Undercuts are a rage and as we show you here, there’s lots of different ways to achieve a stunning new look with an edge. Here’s a small collection of cuts from the 40 samples at therighthairstyles.com to wet your appetite:

1. Platinum Under-Shaved Pixie

This delightful, whimsical shaved and feathered look brings a contrasting lift, along with playfulness and body. Great for fair-toned skin types especially!

2. Cool Copper Undercut Style

This stunning contrast of earthy tones and textures takes a left turn at the traditional undercut and makes a vibrant setting for your natural features. Side stripes add an edge and point of interest.

3. Shaved Temple and Side Part

A softer option in undercut styles, this but is especially good for high school or workplace situations, because of its more subtle effect and the ease of covering the shorter area by untucking the longer hair. Combine with highlights for more effects.

4. Freehand Design Undercut

Why let embellishment stop at the necklace? Create your own effects in wearable art. This sunflower design brings a softness and edginess all in one, and promises to notch up your up-do to a new level!

5. Ethereal Ponytail with Shaved Nape

A perfect style when out riding unicorns or gathering fresh spring bouquets, this purple ponytail combines sublime colouring with complementary angles in the undercut to set off the ethereal waves. Woven colour highlights bring an otherworldly flare to the hair, and frame the face in soft delights.

6. Purple Pastel with

Shaved Details
Asymmetrical and daring, this is a cut above the rest in terms of boldness and flair. Layered terraces on one side sit with soft cascading waves on the other to bring a modern and individual look. The white/purple colouring sets off the standout style.

7. Shaved Mermaid Bob

Fantasy reigns! Bring out your inner mermaid with this sea-inspired colour and undercut combo. Long outer layers contrast with short beneath to bring a wispy fairytale quality to your look.

8. Cute and Curly

Define your face with soft surrounds and strut out in style with this great crossover between curls and cut. This style simplifies unruly hair and turns it to a cascade of body that’s easy to manage. Bring out your feminine side with the contrast of short undercuts.

9. Business Casual Style

This style is a great one for the office as it uses the short sections to complement and be part of a more structured style, or can be covered by longer hair on the outer layers. Combine a luxuriously piled up-do with the side trim, which is slightly longer than a shaved look and stylistically appropriate for the workplace or more conventional setting.

10. Sweet and Spicy Spikes

A look that lends a boyish side to feminine charm! Spikes and angles rock out from the undercut, with contrasting, shaped waves falling across the forehead from above. Add a stand-out colour to define your features and really make a statement in style!

11. Long and Blonde

Who says that undercuts have to mean short hair? Retain your lovely flowing locks and dress them up in new ways with subtle and beautiful undercut highlights that can be shown or covered as you choose. This cut brings new dimensions to long straight hair, and a romantic shimmer of something different to be admired!

12. Looped and Braided Undercut

Enjoy the asymmetry of this blend between short, shaved side and longer flows tied together in a blended braid contour. With stunning detail to be seen and admired, the blue-grey colour tones put the icing on the cake for a standout look!
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