Spring 2023 Hair Trends: Refresh Your Look this Season

Spring 2023 Hair Trends

Springtime: a season of renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation. As the weather turns warmer and the landscape bursts into color, why not embrace change with a fresh, new colour yourself from our Spring 2023 Hair Trends? Whether you’re looking to experiment or simply refine your current look, there’s something exciting in the hair world for everyone this season.  

Venetian blonde! Matte Pink Brown! Volcanic Amber! Feeling the change of season and shift into spring, everyone is suddenly calling their hair stylist. Trust that mood boards are being supercharged by the wave of runway and red-carpet dye jobs over the past few months. Plus there’s something about seeing the sun after months of grey skies that sends a signal of a refresh! There’s no better time than now to spice up your look. Book an appointment with your stylist and make this spring the season of your best hair yet! 

Creamy, cool blonde 

The era of the iconic blonde has returned, influenced by the resurgence of the barbiecore trend. This blonde hue strikes a perfect balance between warm and cool tones, offering a timeless appeal. It exudes a youthful, Scandinavian-inspired vibe that we think will be a hit.  

To achieve this look, ask your stylist for a full head of blonde highlights and to leave them bright enough to be toned with a diluted hue. To ensure the colour remains vibrant and avoids yellowish or ashy shades, we recommend regular salon gloss treatments and investing in premium home-care products to neutralise brassiness. 

spring hair trends 2023


Cowgirl Copper 

Capturing the spirit of a breathtaking desert sunset or the innate charm of Western leather, Cowgirl Copper is the colour that everyone is talking about this spring. This colour offers a lustrous blend of caramel and copper, striking a fine balance between a striking yet wearable hue. 

This looks amazing when coloured from root to tip and the focal point is on the intense shine this warm, rich tone provides. It oozes opulence and will look transformative in a subtle way.  And the best part is? This hue isn’t just a one-horse show! This isn’t just about redheads having more fun, it’s about everyone joining the hoedown. From the fairest complexions to those blessed with deep, rich tones, Cowgirl Copper offers a western allure with a warm sun-touched glow.   


Venetian Copper Blonde 

This is immortality in a hair colour! As spring blossoms, Venetian Copper Blonde emerges as a transcendent hair color that offers a modern twist on classic beauty. With red tones going mainstream, we are personally loving a less literal approach and bringing just a dash of that reddish copper-gold into blondes for spring. Against the skin, it acts as golden-hour light, visible in its radiant effect on many variations. It always looks cool, perfectly lived in, and very healthy for the sustainable swap from bright blonde.  

Venetian Copper Blonde is a versatile choice that works well for a variety of skin tones, from fair to medium. It can serve as an entry point for blondes who want to experiment with warmer shades, or as a seasonal update for redheads seeking a lighter, sun-kissed effect. 

spring hair trends 2023


 Warm Brunette 

While blonde and red shades are catching eyes, don’t underestimate the allure of a sultry brunette as we exit winter. The lived in brunette trend enhances an already classic colour for spring. Warm brunette is such an understated colour—so chic and simple but yet an impactful choice that’s making heads turn. 

TIP: Add some subtle highlights in an ombre style from your mid lengths to the ends of your hair. It’s tastefully natural looking, with minimal upkeep, creating that perfect sunkissed look.  Ask your stylist for a two-dimensional colour and keep the base colour close to your natural hair, while feeding babylights from the hairline, blending in to focus on the ends.    

spring hair trends 2023


Faded Pastels With Built-In Roots 

The shadow roots trend isn’t going anywhere. A growing number of clients are requesting a built-in root effect along with their creative color. Imagine a pastel shade that transitions seamlessly into a highlighted blonde as it fades — a versatile style we’re in love with. 

For anyone who wants to experiment with, say, a pastel bubble-gum pink it also has the benefit of a highlighted-blonde look when the color fades out. We absolutely love that you can get multiple looks out of this style!  

Spring 2023 Hair Trends


Matte Mink Brown 

Our stylists have been tinting people’s lighter locks back to more subdued matte shades of light brown and dark ash blonde that more or less resemble their darker natural base. The mink shade nods to Y2K models and is definitely a trend we will see more and more in the next year. 

The best part about it is the natural undertones that gives your hair a lived-in look that’s subtle around the roots as it grows out (because you all know how much we love a shadow root). It’s the comfy t-shirt shade of hair shades – effortless, gentle, and easy to maintain.   

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Cherry-Cola Red 

Find the perfect marriage of warmth and depth with a deep raspberry reflection. The cherry-cola trend is going strong! It’s a deep red that’s not so bright, but when the sun shines on it, it glows. The shade is great for darker hair types that want to switch up everyday tones. Once night comes, it’s mysterious.  

Spring 2023 Hair Trends


Celestial Platinum 

“Celestial platinum is considered the colour that an angel would naturally be—definitely fitting for spring. For anyone used to icier bleached hair, this brings a softened and filtered feel to the light blonde rather than totally blasting it out—you can feel that there is life under the surface. 

It goes without saying that blondes will find it easier to take on this colour. Ask your stylist for an icy, platinum blonde. We recommend requesting a solid blonde from the root to the ends, either with a base, bleach and tone or high lift. Remember to bring a reference photo to set realistic expectations so that you and your stylist are on the same page.   

spring hair trends 2023


Volcanic Amber 

Here’s a way to create something bright with depth and dimension for a luxurious feel. Ask your stylist to stray away from single-tone and flatter reds by building different layers of colour to walk the line of a fashion-colour red that will complement your natural skin tone. 

Your stylist may also incorporate lowlights to add complexity and volume to the look. The final result is a captivating, multi-dimensional hue that offers a mix of light and shadow, similar to how sunlight interacts with volcanic glass. 

Spring 2023 Hair Trends