With this seasons racing carnival allure upon us,  adhering to a specific set of dress codes while bringing your own look to life can be a balance. Let us decode this for you.
The Traditionalist.

The pursuit of your perfect fascinator can either mean a complement to your final look or can be the complete foundation to your statement. When you decide on a fascinator, styling your hair to suit your outfit throughout the day is next. Not only is millinery style heaps of fun to pull off but it’s also a classic tradition. This will completely set your tone for the day. Choosing between colours, textures and shapes this selection is what will personalise and make heads turn at this kind of event. Whether you choose to straighten or curl your or transform it into an up style it is crucial that you’re hair is set with spray to prevent fly aways to maintain your look all day.





The Head Scarf.

We love how minimalistic this look can be. If you’re not wanting to show off a completely traditional racing look using head pieces or head bands it’s easy to pair a cute head scarf with your look. Whether you tie it into your up style or into straightened or bouncy locks it’s a chic way to introduce a colour or patten into your statement.


The Slide, Headband or Hat.

Headband Halos, hair slides and hats. These options are unconventional yet so trendy. If you’re wearing a fairly busy outfit this hair option is always beautiful. A cute pony tail or straightened/curls always work with these accessories.

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