“Chocolate Cake” Is the Delicious New Hair Color Trend for Brunettes

With winter just around the corner, we are getting a lot more requests in salon with clients wanting to go darker. Let’s face it, blonde hair is amazing for the warmer months, but it’s high maintenance, it’s generally more expensive to upkeep (more appointments are required for toning and touch ups than darker hair) and it is also drying on the hair.

Chocolate Cake Hair
Chocolate Cake Hair

With the change in season, we are embracing the darker colors with an influx of clients going brunette. And while brunette hair is usually typecast of being boring and flat, this is very far from the truth. Brunette hair is not the least but boring and there are plenty of ways to personalize it so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s shade. One way to achieve an especially delicious version of the brunette trend is a rich, dimensional look colorist are our calling “chocolate cake” hair.

Think lashing of rich browns swirled with perfectly positioned caramel swirl highlights (much like gooey icing or fondant throughout a delicious chocolate cake) This Chocolate cake hair look is deep, vibrant, and relies on balayage highlights to emphasise the face and add brightness to the deep brown tones.

Celebrity Balayage Bob
multi tone brunette

Differing from traditional brunette colors, the highlights in the Chocolate Cake hair look really sets this color apart. It’s all about the vibrancy of the highlights and the richness of the base tone that creates the perfect Chocolate Cake look. Apart from looking amazing, who doesn’t love the sound of Chocolate Cake Hair, delicious!

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