Gents: Say Goodbye to Hair Loss with this New Kérastase Range

Ready to say goodbye to thinning hair? Now is the time to upgrade your hair care routine. Introducing the dual action collection that is designed specifically for men’s hair loss and thinning. The new Kérastase Genesis Homme range is now available at Epic Hair Designs and offers a customisable treatment based on different stages of hair loss.  

The set includes a thickening shampoo, molding clay, and a fortifying serum. All of these products, especially combined together, will add strength and fullness to your hair, with a visible lift at the roots. So, if your mane is starting to wane, then the Genesis Homme range is the perfect routine for you. 

Did you know that 70% of men experience hair fall before they reach 35 years old? 

The two causes of men’s hair fall are:  

  1. Hair-fall from the roots resulting in hair loss 
  2. Thinning of the fiber resulting in finer hair 

Sometimes, with age, hair can become thinner, less bouncy, and more difficult to style. Hair loss is not only about genes, but it’s also about the routine. No matter how quickly it begins, it’s important to start treatments as soon as your hair line starts bothering you. So, if you’re looking for ways to manage thinning hair and even boost hair thickness, the Kérastase Genesis Homme products are formulated to help you achieve this.  


A thickness boosting shampoo for weakened hair, prone to thinning. This shampoo gently clarifies scalp, hair and beard and provides a thickening effect for a fuller-looking head of hair. Formulated with creatine and ginger root, the shampoo adds strength to help make hair 85% stronger. We recommend introducing this shampoo into your regular shower routine every other day of the week.  



A daily anti hair-fall fortifying serum for weakened hair, prone to thinning. This serum boosts resistance at the scalp and helps to reduce the rate of hair fall day after day. After 6 weeks you should notice fuller stronger hair as your scalp becomes the optimal environment for future hair growth. We recommend taking four doses daily and applying to dry or towel-dried scalp, section by section.  


An instant thickening molding clay for weakened hair, prone to thinning. This clay has a flexible medium hold and leaves the hair with a matte, non-sticky finish. Our favorite part about this particular product is that it is completely non-greasy and has no sticky residue with a lasting hold. It’s the perfect product to keep your hair in place for a corporate cool look or a stylishly sleek vibe for the weekend. Simply apply a two-fingertip amount to the top of your palm and work into your hands for a few seconds to distribute the clay evenly. Then rake fingertips through dry hair, ensuring to start with less product and building up until you meet your desired look.


So, what are you waiting for? At Epic Hair Designs, we know how important it is for men to feel confident with their hair, which is why we’re offering 25% off when you purchase three products from the Kérastase Genesis Homme range. Whether you’re dealing with hair loss, want thicker hair, or simply want to improve the health of your hair, this range has everything you need to achieve your hair goals. Visit Epic Hair Designs and receive 25% off when you purchase the Kérastase Genesis Homme range!