Take a look at the fabulous effects that you can achieve by adding a pop of colour! There’s lots of different ways to play and get the look that brings a zing! These tips from will give you lots of great ideas to change up your look.

Bangs only

Make your bangs pop with a fabulous new look, by colouring sections or just the tips of the hair around the face. When it comes to framing your features, well-placed shots of colour can bring out the colour in your eyes and make your face shine with new light. Choose a colour or a combination of colours that will suit your skin tone and preferred lippy, to blend with and compliment your overall look. Then take your style to the max and pop in some highlights!

Dip dye

Create a highlighted two-toned style with a real point of interest by dip dying just the ends. This is versatile way to add pop to your hair and gives you lots of options for more colours to be incorporated, or for different sections to start and stop at different levels, for a woven or layered effect.



Roots only

Adding pop to your roots brings in a whole new dimension to  your hair. Redo regrowth professionally, with a colour that can be extended at different lengths down the strands for a more dramatic look. A pop of bright blue through an ice blonde mane takes you out of the usual and into a new world of style. It takes a bit of skill and technique to get it right, so be sure to get your trusted hair technician onto this job!

Random sections

Another little idea that has big effect is to colour random sections of hair with either one theme colour, or a vibrant combination of hues. Experiment with different sections of hair to add pop to as little or as much as you want, in thin strands, or thicker pieces, or a woven combo of both. You can always add more as the hair grows longer.





When you want a subtler effect, but still would like to add some pizzazz to the mix, consider the Peek-a-boo look, which looks pretty cute – only showing the coloured areas when the hair falls this way or that. Create effects that sit well with the styles you wear your hair in – an up-do might, for instance, have subtle colour highlights that are hidden from view when the hair is down. You might embellish just one long strand to make a stunning statement amongst your other locks, or combine three tones in a section to be woven in a three-toned plat. Find the right areas that suit to highlight for your hair and go for it! Pop a


Coloured hair extensions

Ever considered extensions? Don’t just stop there! You can make a stunning statement with coloured extensions! Bring some real pop to your look with a few fun coloured extensions from our favourite brand, Showpony. It’s a super-speedy way to get a great result that is less permanent, so you get lots of versatility with this option!




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