Brunettes Could Never Be Boring!

Brunettes Could Never Be Boring!

Whoever said only blondes have fun and brown is boring are wrong!  The versatility of brunette means you can darken up a shade or two into a rich mocha or lighten up to a warm beige or beachy golden brown – or even go for an in-between, eye-catching ombre or balayage. In fact, there are so many gorgeous shades and styles of brunette your Epic stylist can create to complement your look with our Goldwell colours. Be inspired by all the varying brunette hues below because, brunettes could never be boring.


Beachy Golden Brown

Yes, brown or brunette doesn’t mean chocolate-coloured hair! You can achieve a barely sun-kissed beachy golden brown look with a light brown base and blending in some subtle honey and caramel highlights that are a few shades lighter. This creates dimension and that ‘I’ve been kissed by the sun’ look that’s perfect for pale to olive skin tones. Think Emma Watson. If your hair is naturally light brown your highlights may only need touching up a few times a year. Watch out if you have a layered, wispy cut, though, as your light ends might appear translucent.

Sombre Hair


Ombre is hot right now because of the range of options. It generally describes the gradual blending of one colour hue into another, usually from light to dark. You can go bold, soft, colourful or natural with oh so many colour choices. Jessica Biel sports an ombre style that flatters her fair skin by the color threading to the top around her face. Achieve this look with a medium brown case and two-shades lighter through the tips. Waves are best for ombre; otherwise you will see how the colour is painted in.



To get that mahogany look like Katie Holmes, start with a really chocolatey base and give it a hint of ruby in thick ribbons. The shades are very similar and look quite soft. Dark hair suits long hair, though it’s best to add some layering to add movement.



Medium olive skin looks great with deep walnut hair colour. Throw in a touch of red if you want. Maintenance of an all-over walnut colour is vital, especially if you have any greys. A trip to the salon every 5 weeks will keep it looking shiny. 


Honey Brown

To achieve the honey looks of Sofia Vergara or Angelina Jolie, your Epic stylist will begin with a light brown to natural medium brown base and then paint very thin gold and honey highlights across the crown, an inch from the roots. The slivers get bolder as you go down with the brightest colour in front of the cheeks. 


Chestnut Brown

Do you have sultry brown eyes like Victoria Beckham? Then go for a chestnut brown shade that will warm up your complexion and enhance those gorgeous brown eyes. A dark brown base with caramel and light auburn highlights will frame your face, mid-length and ends. Red highlights are a necessary dimension to give a rich, chocolatey look. The sultry richness and warmth of chestnut brown says, “I am not to be ignored.



Silky, smooth espresso looks gorgeous. Your Epic colourist can lighten the colour from the ears down, if you have long hair (say within two levels of your base colour), which makes maintenance easy and the shade believable.


Raven Brown

If you’re going for an all-over colour, shine and smoothness are beauty essentials! So do a smoothing treatment before you get coloured. After washing and conditioning your hair, finish rinsing your hair with a shot of cool water and mist your brush with a glossing serum for daily shine.

After enhancing your naturally brunette locks, or creating sassy brunette tones through an Epic colour service, your new mantra will definitely be ‘Brunette is better’ because brunettes truly could never be boring.

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