Want to go lighter but concerned about damaging your hair? Balayage and Melts are the answer, these looks are flawless, easy to maintain and are always on trend.

Epic Hair Designs are specialists in Balayage and Melts. When creating your new look, we only use high quality Goldwell products as well as exclusive Olaplex treatment products throughout the lightening process. This means we go the extra length to avoid damage to your precious hair.

So What Exactly is Balayage?

Balayage literally translates from French to ‘sweep’ or ‘paint. It is basically a natural looking colouring technique that makes managing regrowth a breeze. For brunettes, it can brighten up a dull colour and give it a lovely sun kissed look, for blondes it is amazing at adding texture and for fiery red heads, a touch of blonde can completely change your look.

And What Are Melts?

This popular technique is simply the process of blending highlights with the base colour of your hair. With the melts technique hairdressers use multiple colours to create the melting effect. So say goodbye to boring highlights and add texture to your hair with the melts technique.

These amazing colouring techniques will look fabulous no matter what your hair colour. If you have any questions about the Balayage or Melt process, feel free to call our Salon Support team on 37201858. Alternatively you can pop into one of our 12 salons throughout Brisbane for a free consultation.

If you would like to try one of these styles for yourself, book in at one of our 12 Brisbane salons today. We do great colour!

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