5 Timeless Hair Looks

Tousled Waves

In an ever-changing world of hair fashion, it can be hard to keep up with what’s on-trend. We love drawing inspiration from our fave celebs but it’s tricky (not to mention costly) to keep up with how often their looks change. It seems our favourite celebrities change their hair as quick as they change outfits e.g. Kim Kardashian shook fans by going platinum blond in 2017 then chopping it all into a lob. She even went blue, albeit for a night.

Selena Gomez is another celeb who is constantly changing her hair look, starting with her signature rich and glossy brunette, then undergoing a bleach transformation of her own, she is now rocking a choppy platinum bob. Then there is Kate Hudson and her new buzz cut she did for a movie role late last year, a bold and dramatic move which looks fantastic!

While having the ability to change hair looks on the daily would be amazing, unfortunately most of us don’t have that luxury. If you are looking for timeless hair looks that are on-trend, stylish, easy to dupe that are not going out of fashion anytime soon then check out these five suggestions:


Smooth and sleek hair is always on-trend and the best way to show off your dagger straight locks is to make sure they look healthy and shiny with the right styling and products. If you are not blessed with naturally straight hair, heat styling will be required, so guard hair against damage using a heat protecting spray followed by a smoothing serum before going in with the blow-dryer and finishing off with the straightener. For the final touch, finish off with an anti-frizz serum from top to ends and spray with an anti-humidity spray.

Mila Kunis Straight Hair


Tousled waves can look polished and chic or relaxed and boho and suit every hair length, yes even short hair! Virtually every celeb has rocked the tousled hair look on the red carpet and it’s a go to look for any occasion. The look is also super easy to achieve, all you need is a blow-dryer, some styling product and a curling iron. To create, towel dry hair and spray with a texturizing or volumizing product, flip hair then with a diffuser, dry hair until it’s 85% dry then flip back over and using a small round brush, blow dry sections of hair and roll the brush away from the face. With a curling iron, wrap 1-inch sections of hair from the mid-shafts to the ends only and leave the roots straight. Gently tousle your hair with hands and finish with hairspray.


Make-Up Contouring is a concept that most people are familiar with today, but did you know you can do the same with your hair? Face-Framing Highlights are timeless and a youthful look here to stay! These types of highlights are meant to be subtle and natural looking and are an easy way to brighten up your look and literally suit everyone. They are also perfect for those who have never done color or highlighting before, since it’s not as extreme as a full head of highlights. Dark brown hair can have caramel or a lighter golden blonde around the face and those with naturally lighter hair look amazing with creamy or icy facial highlights. For those wanting natural looking facial highlights, opt for a colour that is close to the original colour, a few shades lighter will turn out perfect.

face framing highlights
Blake Lively Part


Nailing how you style your hair part can change your life (well, your hair look at least). Where do you currently part your hair? Most likely it would be directly down the middle, however switching up your part to suit your face shape is the easiest and quickest way to make your hairstyle look brand-new and always on trend, not to mention hide roots and give your hair some body. General Rule of Thumb: Side Parts suit all face shapes and are universally flattering, Centre Parts work for those with narrower faces and Off-Centre Parts are ideal for those who have a cowlick in the front. Nailing your part to best suit your hair and features means you will always look fashionable and on-trend.


Cutting styles will come and go but the lob will remain a classic forever. Though the name “lob” is a recent term in the hairdressing world, this long bob haircut has been around for decades as it is versatile, easy to maintain and looks great on everyone. Not as short as a bob (above the jawline) and just above the shoulder, this style cut can be worn straight or curly, down or up and it a great pick for anyone looking for a low-maintenance on-trend look. Keep your lob sleek and silky with smoothing serums and straightening or go for a tousled look using texture spray and curling iron. Celebs who are rocking bobs include Emelia Clarke and Gal Gadot, we are also loving Jessica Alba’s Balayage Lob look.

Jessica Alba Lob

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