Maintaining your Mane: How to Detox your Hair 

Have you noticed changes in your scalp lately? Our daily exposure to various environmental factors can impact its health without us even realizing it. A healthy head of hair is essential for better hair days, which is why detoxing your scalp and strands can make a huge difference. If you’re dealing with an itchy scalp or lackluster hair, check out our guide on how to detox your mane.   

1. K18 Bali Detox Treatment 

Just got back from vacation and your hair is feeling a bit… tired? We highly recommend going to your nearest salon and getting the K18 Detoxing and Clarifying Service. The 3-step service will remove any buildup of silicones and products in the hair, harmful minerals, while preparing and protecting your hair for your service. The perfect treatment for after a vacation at the beach! This 3-step treatment is about 15 minutes and will detox your hair and lead to more even and longer lasting results from your service. 

Your stylist will start with the K18 Peptide Prep Chelating spray, which will remove 7 minerals and metals from your hair to revive vibrancy, restore natural bounce, rest your hair and repair your locks for a cleaner foundation. Step 2 is washing your hair with the K18 Detox Shampoo to cleanse and detoxify your hair at the basin. Finally, a K18 Repair Mask is applied to repair and rejuvenate your strands for long lasting results. Book the service online today and notice the difference for yourselves!


2. Kèrastase Sebrum Mask 

Give your hair and scalp a weekly treat with this purifying clay that works to detoxify and boost volume at the roots. Introducing the new addition to your beauty routine that draws inspiration from skincare. This purifying clay features a combination of Amino Acid and Kaolin Clay to gently but effectively cleanse a dirty scalp. Its unique formula acts like a magnet to draw out impurities and excess sebum. As a result, your hair feels lighter with a fuller volume boost of up to 74%. 

Just like a face mask, this treatment is meant to be used once a week in place of your regular shampoo. The creamy green clay lathers into a foam to cleanse your scalp and leave it feeling refreshed. Not only is it effective, but it also has a delicious fragrance that is similar to drinking an Earl Grey tea with floating rose petals.  


3. Oribe Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scalp Scrub 

Busy week and don’t have time for a salon treatment? Grab yourself the Oribe Serene Exfoliating Scrub, so you can purify your scalp at home. This luxurious scrub has a dense, grainy texture and a delightful scent that makes for a truly indulgent shower experience. It’s designed to gently polish the scalp with exfoliating beads, removing oil, dirt, and product buildup. The blend of fruit extracts and alpha hydroxy acids then works to deeply cleanse and nourish the pores. 

After using this powerful scrub, your scalp will feel primed and deeply purified, ready to receive the benefits of your favorite hair care products. By removing buildup and unclogging pores, Oribe’s Scalp Exfoliating Scrub can help to promote healthy hair growth and improve overall scalp health. Treat yourself to this luxurious scalp care treatment and discover the secret to a healthy, vibrant head of hair. 


4. Get an In-Salon Fusio Scalp Treatment 

Fusio scrub is a skincare-inspired treatment that acts as a facial for the scalp. Fusio Scrub is an in-salon service that deeply cleanses and revitalizes, freeing the scalp and hair from any impurities. The hair is left with a lightness and a lifted root. The look is pure volume and radiance. The mindset shifts from the worries of the day to a fresh outlook on everything. 

Scrub Energisant by Kèrastase is a sea salt scrub that is designed for more oily scalps. Combined with the freshness of florals and a clarifying aquatic fragrance, the scrub reinvigorates the head. Scrub Apaisant is a scrub for sensitive scalps. Designed as a calming, gel based scrub with jojoba seeds and sweet orange peel. The scent is uplifting with a beautifully citrus zest that you will love. Book your treatment with us today!


5. K18’s pH Maintenance Shampoo 

Talk about a gamechanger! What sets K18’s Peptide Prep pH Maintenance shampoo apart from regular shampoos is its unique formula. This shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse and detoxify your hair by removing excess buildup, oil, and dirt. By banishing these impurities, hair is left clean and refreshed for a healthier and more vibrant look. 

Not only does the Peptide Prep shampoo detoxify and repair hair, but it also helps to maintain the ideal pH balance of the scalp. This is important because the pH of the scalp can impact the overall health of the hair. If the pH is too high or too low, it can lead to dryness, irritation, and even hair loss. With its unique formula and science-based peptide, it offers a truly innovative solution to common hair problems. Give it a try and feel the difference it makes for your hair!