Epic Hair Designs Supports The Carers Foundation

Epic Hair Designs is proud to support The Carers Foundation mission to provide regular quality support for volunteering carers experiencing compassion fatigue in the community.

Supporting the unsung heroes in our community

The Carers Foundation ‘cares for carers’

Did you know there are children from the ages of EIGHT who have no choice to become a Carer?

In their teens, two thirds of these kids develop serious mental health issues such as anxiety, extreme stress, depression often leading to suicide due to the unrelenting pressure they endure every day.

Did you know there are elderly over 80 still caring for their disabled or sick child or spouse? Many of these elderly are exposed to accidental abuse from aggressive behaviour or have physical injuries due to caring.

Social isolation is a normal issue for carers. Not just during a pandemic, they are isolated 24/7 all year round.

Carers Foundation

The Carers Foundation Australia began their work over 15 years ago when Ronnie and Michael Benbow began hosting Carer Retreats for unpaid family carers. Founding Director, Ronnie Benbow founded a retreat facility to privately fund and offer respite and support for carers in crisis. The facility has supported stressed and exhausted carers to offer empowerment courses offering these carers a sense of hope and new perspective. Most commonly, volunteering careers suffer from social isolation due to their roles in supporting unwell friends, family members or those in the community.

The foundation’s programs are available at no cost to eligible unpaid carers from the age of 13 who commonly care for a parent or disabled siblings with medical or mental health issues, effectively sacrificing their teenage years to do so. Along with recent government grants provided to the foundation to scale their impact of wellness programs Epic Hair Designs is proud to offer haircutting services to their carers.The Foundation is also supported by a qualified team of professional therapists, counselors and volunteers.

Epic Hair Designs Supports The Carers Foundation

The Carers Foundation Vision

We hope to bring light to the visions the Carers Foundation hopes to achieve through the power of conversation throughout our partnership. See just a few of them here:

  • To provide regular quality support from compassion fatigue for care givers in the community, in a nurturing, peaceful and supportive environment
  • To provide unique programs for carers at a center specifically for carers, which is a solution to long term carer wellness
  • For the community to understand, respect, value and empower all people that are caregivers in society.

Epic Hair Designs is passionate about supporting our local communities

We understand the importance of not only conversation but also the power a haircut has to impact how people feel. Particularly for carers in our community who rarely have time to take care of themselves. As a group of 16 Brisbane and Hope Island hairdressing salons we are proud to support this charity by offering complimentary hair cuts.

How can you support this charity?

The foundation has launched their ‘WHO CARES’ campaign primarily to raise awareness for Carers and The Carers Foundation to support Carers physical, emotional and mental health with the Carers Foundation unique wellness programs. Support the foundation by purchasing your ‘WHO CARES’ T-Shirt here.

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