Save Your Hair With Olaplex

By Katie - 16 Nov 2016

Everyone’s talking about it, but what the hell is it?

Olaplex seems to be everywhere, your friends are raving about it, hairdressers are using it and it seems to be some form of worshipped product. When you’re not a hairdresser and understand very little about your own hair, it can be difficult and confusing to do what is actually best for it. We all want our hair to be healthy and look as luscious and shiny as in the TV ads but we also want to go from brown to blonde so healthy hair can be difficult to achieve. That’s where Olaplex comes to the rescue.


So what is it exactly?

Scientifically speaking, it is patented chemistry that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds. Which absolutely makes no sense at all. Basically Olaplex is a secret formula which forms a barrier of safety when colouring your hair- during and after. Olaplex has become all professional hairdressers secret tool in hair colour and is literally allowing them to perform miracles on damaged hair.



It works in three stages:

Stage one: This is a bond multiplier which can be used on its own or if you’re colouring your hair, it can be mixed in with bleach and work while your hair is being coloured.

Stage two: Used straight after colouring to mend the bonds in your hair. This treatment is left for around twenty minutes.

Stage three: You can do this step once a week or every time you wash your hair at home. All you need to do is apply a ten cent piece amount to your damp hair and leave it for at least ten minutes- some people choose to sleep in it and wash their hair in the morning. Keep in mind, this treatment only works while your hair is damp.

And that’s it! After following these steps, your hair will be on the road to recovery and looking better than ever. You can book in at any of our eight salons for a treatment- trust us, your hair will thank you for it!

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