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    We have got a style to suit you. Whether you’re looking to update a classic look you’ve been rocking for years, or feel like starting from scratch with a completely new style we’ve got you covered.


    If you want a super clean haircut then you will want to get a cool cade. Fades are perfect for those who have longer hair to start with, where the faded area on the sides and back of the head are etched away gradually from top to bottom. Fades are totally custom to each person and can be taken higher or lower to suit hair texture and head shape.


    One of the most practical and easy was to maintain hairstyles for men is the Buzz Cut. It has been around for years with a wide range of different lengths and iterations to suit everyone. Customise the Buzz Cut with etched patterns and fades at the sides.


    This is a classic men’s haircut that never goes out of style. It looks bold and modern and suits an array of hair textures and lengths. The pop involved tapered sides and a voluminous top which works either straight or naturally wavy.


    The Taper Haircut has clean lines that are scissor cut instead of clippers. This look differs from the Fade as it is not as short and has more of a lived in look. Ideal for those who like to look put together but not too polished.


    With the hipster hair and “manbun” trends, a lot of men are growing their hair out on top to gain extra volume, flow and movement with their styles. To keep your hair healthy and strong, we recommend trims every 6-8 weeks as well as treatments.

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