Why Balayage Should Be Your Best Friend Right Now

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that came in trending and while it’s stuck around it really should be your best friend right now! A look that can result in needing either high or low maintenance care depending on how bold you want to go. Throughout these times of social distancing, we want you to know that a low maintenance balayage with a beautiful melt from your roots could be all your low maintenance dreams realised! Stretch out your colour visits to the salon and enjoy this cost effective natural look…

If you have colour in your hair already and you’re after more of a low maintenance tactic to maintain that salon fresh look, a balayage melt could be for you.

So what is a balayage melt?

Colour melting is a colour application technique that seamlessly blends your root colour with your highlights or balayage throughout the mid to ends of your hair to create a deeper colour transition. The purpose of this technique is to make the root color look like it is “melting” into the other tones in the hair for an effortless more natural look.

What is the process in salon for a melt?

Looking to melt the colour at your roots seamlessly into the colour in your mid lengths to ends? This is not always a “one size fits all” approach. Depending on your hair type and integrity, the desired look is achieved by toning, tinting, or foiling. The way to achieve the best result is to have a solid plan on attack with your stylist. Book in for a FREE consult with your stylist first. While balayage is a low maintenance, high trend look, it is a skill to craft and get perfect.

I want to book in for some colour and a melt

Okay! Here at Epic Hair Designs, Balayage is trending and one of our most requested services which is why we have packages available that bundle additional treatments, toning, melts and blowdrying to be most cost effective to you!

Looking for a low maintence look? We reccomend our Balayage My Ends Package. This package includes a beautiful melt as well as colour throughout your mid lengths to ends.

Thanks for reading, see you in salon soon.

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