Taking Hair From Brunette To Blonde

Margot Robbie Blonde To Brunette

Taking hair from brunette to blonde always means a transformation. A unique process, one that means dedication to your hair care routine and patience. Major transformations do not happen overnight. In the hands of a professional EHD stylist, you can be assured the integrity of your hair is top of mind.

Step 1: Consultation

Hair assessment

Visit your stylist at the salon for a consultation prior to your colour visit. This gives you and your stylist the chance to discuss your colour journey and expectations. Importantly, your stylist will assess the health of your hair. The condition of your hair will determine your colour journey. An accurate quote can also be created for you.

Step 2: Hair History

disclose all hair history to your stylist

It’s very important that your hair history is disclosed to your stylist. This will help your stylist to accurately create the best colour journey for your hair. You need to let them know about previous colour and lightening your hair has received. Also disclose any smoothing treatments your hair has received as well as the general overall feeling and integrity of your hair.

Step 3: Salon Visit

beginning your transformation in salon

If you hair already has colour in it, you and your stylist may make the choice to remove the existing colour. Whether colour is removed first or not, we always recommend using Olaplex which is a bond multiplying treatment which provides hair with more integrity to receive colour correction work.

The image below shows us exactly what a black box dye to blonde transformation looks like. In this instance, the guest had been using box dye for years. The look represents 2 salon visits, 2 weeks a part and 5.5 hours each visit. Using Olaplex every step of the way in salon and at home made this transformation possible.

Step 4: Home Haircare Is Essential

colour is a commitment

For major transformations such as lifting colour from brown to blonde, at home hair care is essential. The example above was only possible because the guest was committed to her prescribed home hair care ritual using our Olaplex ritual and prescribed hair care routine.

Step 4: Returning Salon Visits


A transformation from brunette to blonde usually means you’ll need to return to the salon to achieve your desired look. It is important to understand this is a process and will not be achieved overnight. In between these visits it’s crucial you take care of your hair at home with professional salon products including shampoo and conditioner as well as moisturising products such as treatments.

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