Top 5 Hair Trends of 2015

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 Blunt, side-swept bob

If there were any doubts about the supreme reign of the blunt bob as the coolest cut in 2015, Lara, Carmen and Jennifer Lawrence silenced them with their steely looks – and ah-mazing hair. In a word: fierce.


Blame Kim. Or Kylie. Or Kendall. No matter who your favourite fashpacker, we’re guessing that in 2015 their favourite part was in the middle.

 Wide-brimmed hats

Long locks under a big ol’ wide-brimmed hat? Easy, sun-smart, done.

Green, glorious green

We’ve seen pinks and pastels, but if there was one colour that truly made a splash in 2015 it’s the rich, raven-tinged bottle green seen on Kylie, Katy and co. Kermit would be proud.

Some up, some down

Lip liner. The Macarena. Hootie at the Blowfish. Some things are better left in the ‘90s, but half-up, half-down hair isn’t one of them – and this year it made a comeback in a big way.

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