The Most Important ‘Line’ For Men

Disconnected or connected hairstyle?blendednewRESIZED

Guys, have you been asked if you would like your hair style “disconnected”? Didn’t quite grasp what that meant? In recent times it has become very common for men to be quite particular with their hair. So to help you get the perfect cut we’ve put together an explanation of the difference between “disconnected” and “connected” haircuts. Let’s clear things up.

It’s really simple; it’s exactly as it sounds…


These hairstyles are an extremely popular trend in men’s fashion at the moment. Having the disconnection in the lengths and the lack of smoothly blended layering leads these types of haircuts to be considered very “edgy”. To have a “disconnected haircut” you must see an abrupt stop-start feature in the hair’s length. Styling time is relatively quick although some disconnected styles will require a quick blow dry to channel your longer lengths of hair in the right direction. Styling products like wax and hair spray will be your best friend.

Connected or “blended” 

dsiconnected3RESIZEDThis refers to the lengths of the hair being gradually blended with a seamless increase in layers. These hairstyles are not commonly seen in fashion trends at the moment. However, they make for a great clean cut all-rounder that is easy to style. Simply wash, dry and add a matt-finish styling wax for activated texture.

Tools you can use to accentuate your cut are a blow dryer, small vent brush, textured shampoo and the styling product your hair stylist recommends you. Don’t hold back in asking your stylist how to perfect your look at home.

Sssshhh …. Have you noticed a few stray grey hairs coming through? Don’t worry. There’s a simple and quick way to deal with that. Check out our article on ‘How to Reduce Grey Hair in Men – easily and quickly’.

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