The Hottest Pixie Crop from Epic

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If you are looking for a cool hair style that is perfect for any season, the Pixie Crop is for you! In fact, our clients are so in love with this hair trend that we have significantly seen great changes in our customers. There are even new clients who come to us and have their hair cut in Pixie style for that major makeover.

Our team of professional designers and stylists are pretty amazed with the dramatic return of the Pixie Crop here at Epic. Worn by stars old and new, we are even seeing lots of clients getting this beautiful haircut to help them look even younger. And we think that now is your time to shine too!

Why the Pixie Crop short hairstyle?

You are not just keeping with this cool trend when you have your hair cut in this style – you also feel younger. The ever-growing popular Pixie Crop style is actually a perfect all-rounder that is easy to style in your daily routine. This is definitely simpler to spice up when you have to attend formal gatherings.

The problem nowadays is that, when you have long tresses, you are required to have a regular styling routine every morning and even at night. This is especially when you have a formal date to attend. Why struggle with that long and messy hair when you can have the ever-dashing Pixie style that will make heads turn?

Be ready to make your head bang with this epic hairstyle people are going crazy about. Don’t be left behind. Make your own choice and be happy once you see your divine reflection in the mirror after a haircut.

Goodbye Long Hair, Hello Short and Beautiful Hair


If you want your long hair cut beautifully short, our Epic creative hair stylists can help you achieve that look you’ve always wanted. We will give you the ideal makeover for your ultimate transformation. With the lovely Pixie Crop, you don’t need to have those styling meltdowns in your home. All you have to do is to say yes to several items like Blow Drier (GHD Air is Epic’s fave), Moroccanoil and a Round Shaping Brush.

Don’t just wish for your hair’s magical transformation. The Epic team is here to be your godmother when it comes to the perfect hair makeover of your dreams. You’ll see for yourself how this amazing hair style impacts the people around you. Call us today to get that epic Pixie look!

With Epic, you will surely love your new look and even your friends will ask you where you got that stunning style!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions and other related concerns! Let us handle your hair styling needs and be epic!

If you want to read more about Epic’s Easy to Style, Fantastic Short Hairstyles! click here.

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