The Best Hair Colour Trends For 2021 So Far

If you’re feeling like a change and you’re not exactly sure which direction to go, we’re here to point you in the right direction or should we say hue. While 2020’s biggest hair colour trends were all about natural, low maintenance takes on colour-like brondes, experts have predicted that 2021 is going to be all about having fun as life starts to manifest its new normal. So, why ask for basic highlights when you can order up silvery, creamy, champagne tones? We spoke to our educators on the best hair colour trends right now from classic vintage blonde to bright pastel blues. Keep reading ‘The Best Hair Colour Trends For 2021 So Far’ for exactly what you need to screenshot for your next salon appointment.

Reds, Reds, Reds

Each stylist we have spoken with has mentioned their love for red shades right now. We are also seeing red shades on celebs like Gigi Hadid. Red is one of the easiest tones to customise to your look. Every hue from pale strawberries ro rich fiery shades can be used to really enhance your natural beauty, skin tone and eye colour. Dip your toes into the trend by asking your stylist to add a peachy toner to your colour at your next visit. Or go complete Queen’s Gambit with a deep amber.

Face Framing Highlights

Bright streaks came back last year to frame the face. Whether you refer to the trend as money-piece highlights or e-girl streaks, the trend is here to stay throughout 2021. We are starting to see more creative takes on the trend like Bella Hadid’s two-toned streak. Next time you’re in-salon ask your stylist for a bright bit of colour throughout the front of your hair. Or if you’re after more of a bold statement, you could request a solid colour on the rest of your hair as well.

Wintery tones

If you’re thinking about switching up your look for winter this year, we are seeing trends leaning towards richer, more dimensional versions of their summer looks. This may also include booking in for a gloss for extra shine and more of a buttery feel. Overall, the feeling about wintery tones is warmer, richer and a more lived-in looking hair colour.

brunette balayage

We know that subtle highlights are an easy way to refresh your look without veering into a drastic change. Brown balayage gives hair noticeable dimensions and pop. If you’re thinking about a sun-kissed look, ask your colourists for varying shades of brown throughout your hair for the most natural-looking and dimensional look.

glossy black

With 2020, giving us the unknown this power tone truly gets us back to a place of control and ultimate glamour. Since black hair looks so shiny and healthy the colour actually flatters a wide range of skin tones. When speaking to your stylist about this look, request an inky black shade and a gloss to make it look as shiny as possible.

The Best Hair Colour Trends For 2021 So Far
almond tones

Warm nut tones can create a soft spring vibe. Throughout warmer months of 2021 we will continue to see a lot of cashew, walnut and almond type of hues blending into brunette hair. If you’re currently rocking a deep brown tone, ask your stylist for a neutral light brown and borne highlighting that blends well with your natural colour for the warmer months.

The Best Hair Colour Trends For 2021 So Far
silvery champagne

Turns out, you really can have the best of both worlds. As exemplified by Karli Kloss’s cool blonde with warm accents. This is a great option for blondes who are after a fresh, creamy tone that doesn’t cross over into gold. Ask your stylist for pearly, silvery tones on your blonde.

The Best Hair Colour Trends For 2021 So Far
honey blonde

This year has started ushering in blondes that can be worn all year long. Keeping your roots natural and adding blonde shades into your hair that will melt seamlessly between visits will mean more of a low-maintenance blonde. We love Cameron Diaz’s low-maintenance honey blonde here because the ends totally melt in through the roots. Keep in mind that the look will be more low maintenance if you’re naturally blonde, as darker hair will require more frequent upkeep.

The Best Hair Colour Trends For 2021 So Far
multi-dimensional blonde

Chrissy Teigan is known for her multi-dimensional blondes. If this year has you itching to go blonder we suggest easing in with a blonde balayage for more of a seamless transition. Ask your stylist for various shades of blonde placed throughout your hair for this look.

The Best Hair Colour Trends For 2021 So Far
chunky highlights

Chunky highlights have been dominating our social media feeds and salon requests so its fair to say that they are here to stay! These solid tones are bringing the 90’s back to life. There’s a definite extent to how dramatic or subtle you want the look to be so make sure to discuss this with your stylist first. This will determine how thick and light to make the highlights.

dreamy blue

For winter this season we expect to see blue take over the pink as the dedicated fun colour as seen here on Younger star, Hilary Duff. To nail this look your hair has to be lightened enough to ensure a green tinge isn’t created, so ask your stylist to knock out any brassy, yellow or gold tones before going in with your shade of blue. We always recommend an Olaplex treatment with all major hair changes but especially when major lightning is involved. We truly love this cool girl look and know that all the work in salon and keeping it up at home with hair care is so worth it.

The Best Hair Colour Trends For 2021 So Far
matte brown hair

For anyone on the fence about going blonde, this is your first step in that direction.A matte brown hue works undeniably on every skin tone and looks very natural. For a long-lasting brown that avoids brassy tones make sure to visit the salon for a toner.

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