How to Grow Out Bangs | Hairstyles & Tips to Grow Out Bangs Fast

Be patient and know you have many styling options while you wait for your bangs to get longer.



Awards season has officially drawn to a close with the 2019 Academy Award. This year at the Oscars red carpet, your favourite stars dressed in their award show best for the special evening. We loved so many different looks! There was a lot of classic Hollywood Glamour – think full skirts and long-hemlines with hair done up high. As well as a lot of memorable and current runway looks, including daring metals teamed with glam curls. Here are some of our favourite red-carpet looks and some tips and tricks to achieve the same look for your hair.


5 Timeless Hair Looks

In an ever-changing world of hair fashion, it can be hard to keep up with what’s on-trend. If you are looking for timeless hair looks that are on-trend, stylish, easy to dupe that are not going out of fashion anytime soon then check out these five suggestions.


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Bored of Balayage and tired of Top Knots? Why not try a new look for the warmer seasons ahead Grey Hair This look is so on trend and definitely not for the faint hearted! Super feminine and ultra-chic; from shimmery


Sharon Blain at Epic Hair Designs

If you know hair, you know Sharon Blain. She’s the queen of up-styling, the best in the business and an all round legend. That’s why we knew we had to invite her to teach our expert stylists even more about


HOW TO: Messy Glam Curls

Messy glam curls are great for those occasions where you want glamorous, effortless curls. This style is just what you want when going to a wedding or  party and is the perfect style to wear to the races with a

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