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2015 Spring/Summer Trend: Boho Waves

 Ladies! This is a public service announcement … of the fierce variety!

Start planning your spring makeover NOW! Why? Because one of this coming season’s hottest trends has arrived, and it is our EVERYTHING! We are talking about beautifully undone, barely there, flirtatiously tousled Boho Waves!

Kiera Knightly, Bar Rafaeli, Giselle Bunchen and Gigi Hadid all thoroughly agree … this trend is a must-have!  This, “Oh hey! I’ve just come back from the beach looking unreal” look has recently been featured on some of 2015’s biggest catwalks including Chanel, Gucci, Alerbta Feretti, Tommy Hilfiger and Chloe … proving that long hair is back … and cooler than ever!  While we may think we have seen this trend before, this season’s waves have been reignited and re-invented as soft, relaxed, messy and looser than ever!  This is your opportunity to look fabulously undone andBo1 natural … because let’s be real, we all want to look like we have just rolled out of bed looking as chic and fabulous as possible!

There is nothing that our Aussie Spring says more than a “Oh! I just woke up like this” head of full, voluminous, tossable waves.  Straight, curly, wavy, short, mid length, long … you can rock this style!  There are many totally doable methods of achieving this look. If you are blessed by the hair gods and have naturally wavy or textured hair, it can be as easy as spritzing your hair with a sea salt spray (our personal fav is KMS Sea Salt Spray), braiding your hair loosely and then allowing your hair to work its magic while you catch up on some beauty sleep.

For those of us who require a little assistance in the styling department, our amazing stylists and salon exclusive products have got you, girl! After all, amazing hair starts in the shower! Utilising a shampoo and conditioner that is tailored to your specific hair needs should be number one on your list if you want a style that will last and hair that loves you back! Unsure what those needs may be? Are you and your hair having communication problems? Never fear! Just pop down to one of our five fabulous salons and allow one of our expertly trained stylists to give you a quick hair consultation to find the best range for you!

A high quality straightener or curling wand will be your best ally in achieving this free-spirited look. Our fav choice here at Epic is GHD’S amazing new range: GHD Curve. There are four different sizes to choose from, which will help ensure you easily recreate those carefree, barely-there waves that cascade in total complement to the spring/summer vibe.

Once you’ve washed your hair (KMS Free Shape Shampoo and Conditioner is our pick for this style), spritz some Sea Salt and rough dry. Now it’s time to wrap it up! bo2Using your curling wand, wrap small sections of your hair around the barrel, holding each for 8–10 seconds and release. Remember, don’t touch or mess around with your hair until it cools and sets, or you’ll risk a confrontation with everybody’s arch nemesis – FRIZZ! Now it’s time to shake it out, ladies! Once you have completed all of your sections, shake out your entire head, finger comb through and voila … beautiful, undone and chic waves that will keep you looking en pointe from day to night, and everything in between!

Whether you want to wear your hair loose, flowing and down, or in a messy, piecey and oh so desirable fishtail braid or texturised ponytail, this trend has your back! Its versatility means you can wear it over the course of a few days in so many ways (second and third day hair works amazing with this look).

Hair feeling tired? Does it need some b-b-bounce? Just give your hair a spray with some Dry Shampoo to reinvigorate your waves and give them that midweek boost! (We swear! It’s like Berocca for your hair! Our recommendation? Goldwell Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo!)

So what are you waiting for? Be ahead of the curve! Come on down to your closest Epic Hair Design and we can help organise your Amazing Hair Arsenal to keep you looking fabulously fresh this spring!


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