If you know hair, you know Sharon Blain. She’s the queen of up-styling, the best in the business and an all round legend. That’s why we knew we had to invite her to teach our expert stylists even more about up-styling to make us the best in Brisbane.

Sharon taught our team loose curls, the perfect bun, a ponytail without a single bump (harder than it looks!) and a number of different hair techniques. We wanted to ensure our hairdressers knew how to make their clients hairstyles last longer and look better for their special occasion.

Our hairdressers were taught what most feared impossible, giving those with thin hair a voluptuous bun. They were also taught how to sew a bun into place rather than using a kilo of bobby pins. It does sound a little strange but imagine a bun held in place without bobby pins sticking into your scalp all night. It’s a dream come true. All it takes is a crochet needle and some serious knotting skills.

Although a common style, the ponytail is one of the most difficult to execute perfectly. Anyone with hair long enough reading will be very aware of the lumpy mess a ponytail can turn into. Thanks to Sharon, our hairdressers can help. This difficult style can be made easier with a blow dry and teamwork. Having two people work together to tie up the ponytail using a cupping motion means there’s no chance for bumps. So don’t be alarmed if next time you’re in the chair it requires an army to get you your perfect look.

If you have a wedding, formal, birthday, night out or just want to feel fabulous Epic Hair Designs offers a range of packages to suit you:

  • Formal Occasion Upstyle
  • Bridal Party/Wedding Styles
  • Basic Curls/Pin up
  • Wedding Trial Monday-Friday

You’re more than welcome to bring in a photo of your preferred style, an idea or ask our expert hairdressers for personal advice.

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