Not too long… Not too Short…

Medium length hairstyles are the cut of 2018. More practical than long hair and more versatile than a crop, this low-maintenance look is taking over and here to stay. From Alexa Chung’s grown-out bob to Kate Moss’ mussed-up bed-head, Whether you’ve got longer hair and are looking to go a bit shorter, or you already have medium length hair and you’re looking for chic ways to style it.

Why Mid Length Hair?

Whatever your hair type or texture, there’s a medium-length style to suit all occasions, from work to weddings. Not only is it an A-List favourite but it’s versatile and easy to style. If it’s sleek and straight you’re after, channel Rita Ora’s party look, or if it’s tousled and natural, Jessica Alba’s new hairdo is a must-try. Emma Stone has been wowing on the red carpet recently with curled styles, from voluminous waves to retro-look ringlets.

How to Choose the Best Mid-Length Cut for You

The Bob

The long bob is trending right now. We’re talking a blunt cut just above the shoulders that’s not too blunt. Your hairdresser can stack layers in the back to add dimension. Another option is the asymmetric bob,where you have one side longer than the other, and also have it longer in the front and shorter in the back. Combined with a low, straight fringe, you’ve really got an edge. And your neck will definitely appear to have more length. For a more edgy look, your Epic stylist can thin out the ends with scissors or a razor.

The Shag

Let’s rock’n roll baby! Whether your hair is thick or thin, medium shag hairstyles offer a ton of possibilities. You can go for the straight rock chick look in the typical shag by asking for thick piece-y ends. Or you get your Epic stylist to flick out the ends and feather some layers in. Make sure your fringe is not too short and just skims the brows and not too long that you  always have to push your hair out of your eyes. If your hair is gorgeously thick, go for disconnected layering to bring about some movement, but only minimal.


There are so many ways to layer medium-length hair. Try shorter in the back and longer in the front, with a long fringe swept to the side. Overall, this look is lovely, pushing hair towards the face and framing it.  The opposite is the windswept look where you have longer layers that are shorter in the back and longer in front. If you’ve got curly hair, short to medium layers will help you manage your hair and keep it looking light. Even better, parting it on the side will give you a real carefree look.

Choppy Lob

Now the fancy name for this is ‘chin-length undercut’. Think Sienna Miller. It’s a longish bob that is cut blunt and uniform without any layering and is great for thick hair with a natural wave. The ends can be chopped, meaning they vary in length to give that jagged look. If you want to look statuesque, this is the cut to go for. You can have a part in the middle or on the side – or no part at all! But for a smooth look, you’ll need your hair serum.

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