Goldwell Elumen is a high-performance, oxidant free hair colour. It creates extra vibrant, shiny and durable hair colour without damage. The formula contains no peroxide or ammonia and consists of over 25 shades plus one clear gloss tone – the possibilities are endless with Elumen!

How does Elumen differ from other salon colour products?

Elumen’s remarkable technology means it is a physical colour that works without oxidising meaning it needs no developer is required.

The formula is gentle while creating a brilliant shine. The entire range is inter-mixable creating a highly creative colour palette allowing stylists to reach their full creative potential with their clients.

What are the Benefits of Elumen?

Elumen is a non-damaging, permanent, high shine product with endless colour opportunities.

The colour is permanent meaning it’s durable and far superior to a demi-permanent colour.

Color remains strong even after 10 washes

Elumen Technology

Elumen is a physical colour meaning it works entirely without oxidizing but still achieves spectacular colour results.

With it’s unique magnet-effect technology the intensive Elumen pigments are physically drawn deep inside the hair where they are anchored securely to produce amazingly intensive and remarkably long-lasting color results.

Like an impure diamond, porous areas of the hair diffuse the light making the hair appear stressed and dull. Elumen fills the porous areas inside the hair and improves the hair structure to reflect light perfectly.

A R E  Y O U  L O O K I N G  F O R  P A C K A G E S

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