Boost your shoulder length hair look to the next level by experimenting with a new style. Not too short and not too long, mid-length hair is super versatile from straight and sleek to wavy and curly, there’s a look to suit every shape face.

To nail the look, cut right to the shoulder which looks neat and chic while allowing for some length, meaning you can still fit hair in a bun or ponytail. Mid-length hair is also perfect for those who are tired of their long and heavy hair but are not ready for the massive change to a bob. Here are some great looks help you nail the medium hair length.


The lob or long bob is a longer, sleeker version of the bob that is super versatile. With curls or waves it can look short and sweet while straight and sleek provides length. It’s also a length long enough where a Balayage or Melt look works really well. For a super sleek lob, ask for a style with sharply angled side sections and straight cut back. Textured ends will help in styling and create the finished look


Layers in medium length hair is low maintenance but definitely not boring. Subtle layers are perfect for those which finer hair adding body and texture, giving the hair bounce when it is normally limp while longer layers work wonderfully in thicker hair especially for those want a less maintenance look.


The Modern Shag haircut is made up of varied lengths, shaggy in texture with layers and choppy ends. Shag haircuts never look the same as layers are random and custom to each person. They also work wonderfully on both thick and think hair, curly or straight.




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