Iconic 90’s Hairstyles

Iconic 90's Hairstyles

There isn’t just one way to replicate iconic 90’s hairstyles. There were Rachel Greene layers, Mariah Carey’s curls and all-round off-duty model looks and we are here for all of it. Scroll through our favorite ’90s hairstyles to get some #inspo for your next look.

Iconic 90's Hairstyles

Cher Horowitz Hair

90s hairstyle vibes are synonymous with Cher Horowitz (AKA Alicia Silverstone). These perfectly volumised tussles are simply 90s perfection. Extra points if you have lived-in blonde highlights that look like they actually came from the Cali sun.

Iconic 90's Hairstyles

The Sky High Pony Tail

Leave it to supermodel Tyra Banks to claim even more height with this sleek high pony. The flipped curl and swooshed bang add even more of that 90s flair that we know and love.

The Iconic Friends Hairstyles

The Rachel

How could we write about 90s hairstyles and not pay tribute to The Rachel haircut. This haircut changed history and taught us all the meaning of ‘face framing layers’.

Iconic 90's Hairstyles

Undone Curls

One look at a Mariah Carey album cover had fans embracing their natural curls. The superstar’s hair truly set the tone for undone, glossy curls that were volumised without being weighed down.

Iconic 90's Hairstyles

Off Duty Look

Off-duty supermodel hair was totally iconic and completely recognizable. Bouncy, curled or straight the look was all over glossy and looked like it was made from silk.

Iconic 90's Hairstyles

Extra Long Braids

Janet Jackson’s extra-long box braids were and still are a legendary look. The addition of this cap solidifies it as one of our favourite looks of hers.

Butterfly clips 

Stefani was not afraid to push the envelope when it came to her hair. Here we see her adopting a trend that took hold of just about every 90s look: the butterfly clip. It was such a big deal and we can sense it slowly making a comeback.

The Antennae look 

Nineties looks were all about an undone look, as evidenced by the trend of leaving two straight strands of hair out in front of an otherwise polished and sleek hairstyle.

Iconic 90's Hairstyles

The Pixie

The 90s pixie cut combines two crucial factors: tiny bangs and a loose, woke up like this texture.

Chunky Highlights

It would be wrong of us not to mention the chunky highlight that trend that has well and truly made its way back. These looks were bold in the 90s. Now the chunky highlight look has evolved to become more of a seamless melt for face-framing purposes. With this said, we have to give the most 90s aware to this blog look of Lil’ Kim’s with chunky pink highlights (or is it pink with blonde highlights?)

Iconic 90's Hairstyles


The scrunchie obsession was such a defining trend of the 90s Perfect for securing any kind of ponytail or even just wearing around one’s wrist like a bracelet. You know, just because it looks cute.

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