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Bangs are so cool! Until you hit that awkward limbo stage where they start to grow out over your eyes and everyday seems like a bad hair day! It can be a frustrating time, but if you are really keen to grow them out then don’t reach for the scissors! Be patient and know you have many styling options while you wait for your bangs to get longer. Here are some handy styling tips.

How to Grow Out a Fringe Fast

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Believe it or not, one super handy tip is to trim your bangs regularly. Yes, we mentioned not grabbing the scissors, however we don’t mean massive chops, just little trims! What promotes healthy hair is regular trimming, and the more healthier the hair is, the more it is able to absorb moisture and vitamins to grow. Book a bang trim every 6 weeks to keep them looking tidy, this will allow hair to get longer without looking messy. Soon enough the trims make bangs easily blendable into the rest of your hair


When growing out bangs, it’s ideal to switch from a middle part to a side part, angling hair down slightly from the crown of your head. When bangs are positioned at a slight angle, it is easier at disguising the awkward length. Another option is to pin fringe regrowth. Brush the bangs to the side and secure using a styling gel or for a more relaxed look, sweep bangs over and spray with a light weight hairspray.

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Besides being extremely relaxing, a head massage also promotes rapid hair growth. It’s a quick fix if you’re wondering how to grow out bangs faster. You should massage the front of your scalp, including the area around your temples by applying pressure with your fingers. This will increase blood flow to your hair follicles, condition the scalp and rejuvenate the roots. Because hair follicles comprise hyperactive stem cells, once you give them a boost of oxygen, you promote hair growth. But that’s not all. By massaging your scalp, you dilate tiny arteries which improve blood circulation to the hair follicles. Also, you’ll improve your hair’s texture, making it stronger. Your best approach is to massage your hair for several minutes when it’s wet and just before you apply shampoo.


Typically, hair grows about 1.25 cm every month and 15 cm per year. But it all depends on your genetics, health, age, and diet. And although you can’t do anything about your age or genetics, you can completely control your diet. As a matter of fact, if your diet doesn’t include the right nutrients, you could suffer from hair loss. In contrast, a well-balanced diet will promote hair growth and help you grow out your bangs in no time. Eat foods such as eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, avocado, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, and oysters. They’re full of proteins, good fats, and amino acids. Also, you’ll get the boost of essential vitamins and minerals, which will help your hair grow faster.

how to grow out bangs fast


Olaplex! We can’t rave more about this miracle product as it is so good for hair restructure and overall hair health! Here at Epic, our simple three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Long-story short… damaged hair breaks, limiting hair growth. To make sure hair gets long fast, get on the Olaplex bandwagon and watch your bangs grow!

How Long Does It Take to Grow Out Bangs


If you’re trying to find out how long does it take to grow out bangs, you’re in for a surprise. There’s no accurate period. The main downside of having bangs most likely is the long and painfully slow growing-out process. But hair does grow back. It’s a real test of your patience and a great way for you to test your hairdresser. That’s because a good stylist will take you from point A to Z, while a real professional will help you look amazing during the whole transition period. The truth is, the length and thickness of your fringe determine how long it will take to grow out your bangs. However, it usually takes between 3 to 4 months. What’s more, it also depends on how fast the rest of your hair grows. And growth rates differ from person to person. What’s better, during the transition phase, you can style your bangs in different ways and use hair accessories to achieve great hairdos. For example, to blend the bangs with your haircut, you can use face-framing layers. Above all, get a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks to trim your bangs and speed up the growing-out phase.

How to Style Growing Out Bangs


So, you’re in the awkward transition stage and you’re tempted to grab the scissors and chop off your growing bangs. Despite your frustration, you’ll regret it in the end. The key is to be patient and learn the different options available on how to grow out a fringe in style. So, here’s a list of the various ways in which you can style growing out bangs:


1.Pins. You can disguise the frustrating phase of growing out your bangs with strategically placed pins to keep everything in place. If you have short and frizzy bangs, you should part your hair and brush it to the sides using styling clay or wax. Use pins to secure the ends. Besides, you can also use barrettes or clips. This style is perfect for keeping a short fringe out of your face.


2. A headband. You can use a thin headband, which is a classic accessory, to sweep back your bangs off your forehead. You’ll find a wide range of headbands available such as bohemian-style, elastic or jewelled. It’s a versatile hairstyle accessory and it pushes your bangs away from your forehead, regardless of your fringe’s length.

3. The twist. You can twist your bangs and pin the hair to the side. Tightly or loosely tuck your fringe next to your hairline and secure it with bobby pins. But wait, there’s more.


4. Face-framing. Think layers and thin out your fringe’s ends so it can feather off your face. Your stylist can use a razor to achieve a soft finish. Texture-wise you should go with the French girl style. It gets better. Apply texture hairspray for volume and use no-crease clips at the front to hold your hair in waves. Keep your hair up like this for about 20 minutes or use a hairdryer. When done, remove the clips and apply more hairspray.

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