As we are moving out of the humid months of the year, you might be noticing hair breakage from overuse of curling or straightening tools. Colouring without using the proper protection in your hair care routine also contributes to this. Certain habits like these are very common and we get asked how to fix damage resulting from them frequently.  To keep your mane healthy and looking impeccable throughout this winter season we have some tips for you.[boc_spacing height=”20px”]

We know it can be tempting to try and solve this issue through excessive hair brushing, straightening or even hair extensions but it really is all about taking steps to help prevent breakage as much as you can. We have outlined our top tips.

  1. DO NOT BRUSH WET HAIR, PLEASE DON’T. [boc_spacing height=”20px”]When you jump out of the shower with wet hair this is the time to avoid using a brush. A more appropriate time to brush your hair is when it’s completely dry. We do recommend if you are dealing with detangling, to spritz a detangling spray and use a wide tooth comb through your hair. [boc_spacing height=”20px”]
  2. Wait a minute before you start blow-drying. [boc_spacing height=”20px”] Give your hair some time before using your blow-dryer. Excessive use of heat tools can cause damage so its smart to wait until your hair is at least half dry. Trust us on this. This will help your hair to spend less time being exposed to the harmful effects of too much heat.[boc_spacing height=”20px”]
  3. Book in for regular trims![boc_spacing height=”20px”] Starting fresh is always a great option. Snipping off your dead ends regularly, encourages hair growth as well as letting go of unwanted breakages. Making sure you have a regular cut can work to prevent these breakages. On the other hand, it could be time for a bigger cut. Above the shoulders is seriously chic and super low maintenance. Maybe time to consider a new look?[boc_spacing height=”20px”]
  4. Use a low heat setting on your straightener or curler. [boc_spacing height=”20px”] Love styling your hair as much as we do? Keep your hair sections small to allow for one pass through per section with your heat tool. This is the goal. Using products to tame your hair all day while  using a lower temperature when you’re styling is another tip to combat hair breakage.[boc_spacing height=”20px”]
  5. Use some at home treatments.[boc_spacing height=”20px”] We have found continued success in Olaplex. The three-step salon system is changing the game with a lineup that prevents long-term breakage throughout the colour stages while “glueing” back together the broken bonds that happen as a result of coloring.



The first part of the Olaplex treatment, No. 1 is an in salon treatment. This is mixed into the bleach, powder lightener, or hair color, and applied to the hair. What No. 1 does is repair the disulfide bonds that are separated as a result of chemical treatments or heat styling. According to Olaplex ambassador,  Chad Kenyon,  “those bonds are separated and momentarily broken to achieve a different color or hair texture”. “Numbers 1, 2, and 3 all rebuild those bonds.”[boc_spacing height=”20px”]No. 2 is done in-salon as well and is essential in completing the coloring process. After the color has been applied, your colorist will rinse the color out of your hair — just a rinse, not shampooing. Hair is then towel-dried and No. 2 is applied to the hair and left on for a minimum of 10 minutes. Then it’s back to the bowl for a rinse, shampoo, and conditioning.[boc_spacing height=”20px”] No.3 is completely dedicated to repair, it rebuilds broken hair and it will reconnect those broken bonds. This product allows you to protect your hair (when you leave the salon) from the effects of curling and straightening.[boc_spacing height=”20px”] Olaplex no1 and no2 are available  for in salon treatments at all of our 15 Brisbane stores and no3 is available for you to take home for $49.95.[boc_spacing height=”20px”]

With all these tips in mind, let our colour experts take care of you for many many more good hair days.


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