Holiday Hairstyle Tutorials

Festive Season is in full swing and it seems every weekend there is a party to go to! We want you to look like a million dollars while spending $0 from these DIY Hair Tutorials. From cool girl braids to twisted/messy up-dos and classic Hollywood glam waves, we have your covered. Trust us you will want to try all of these hairstyles for your holiday parties this season.

1. Messy Up-do

There are so many variations of this look and it all starts with the most essential tool, the curling iron! On unwashed hair, add some mousse or texture product and begin to curl hair from back to front. Pick a part, either down the middle or to the side, brush curls out with a wide-tooth comb and then slick back into a pony. Twist small sections of hair around the pony and secure with pins. Pull down two pieces of hair at the front to shape your face and you are done!

Jen Hawkins Hair
Smooth Hair Zendaya

2. Smooth and Straight

This look is amazing if you are extremely time poor and need to be out the door and at your party ASAP! Give your hair a deep clean, towel dry and spritz with a smoothing serum. Blow-dry until completely dry then section off to flat iron so it’s super straight. If you have unruly hair, the smoothing serum will tame those waves. Spend extra time on the ends to prevent any flicking. Part your hair down the middle, then apply anti-humidity or shine spray.

3. Braids

The possibilities are endless with braids! The tricky thing is though, they can be hard to master and take practise to get right. But don’t fret, even if your braiding work isn’t as great as you think, the messy look is in and your finish product will end up looking effortless chic and very cool! Decide where you want your feature braid, this could be a crown or halo style, braids from the centre part that gather into a messy bun, or tight braids at the top of the head. A simple tutorial, divide hair into three sections, cross the right section over the middle section then the left section over the new middle section, this is a great tutorial to get started.

Jessica Alba Hair
Hollywood Waves Gigi Hadid

4. Hollywood Glam Waves

This look takes a little more effort and time to achieve but the finished look is so worth it! Start by prepping dry, unwashed hair with mousse or texture spray and section hair from crown to ear. Using a curling wand, take diagonal sections and wrap around the tool with the wand facing towards the face. Make sure all curls are in the same direction for this style. Once the underneath section of hair is complete, finish off the top using the same technique always with the wand barrel facing towards the face. Lightly brush and set with hairspray

5. Slicked-Back/Wet Look

Kim Kardashian has been absolutely rocking this look and it’s so easy to copy! There are lots of variations of this look too including slick wet-look buns and glossy tousled waves at the back with slicked down fronts. The Kardashians own this look where hair looks like its literally straight out of the shower. Start with blow-dried straight hair and work in wax in sections, ideally don’t use gels as the water in gels will make straightened hair get curly. Drench hair in front with wax and leave ends or completely cover hair in wax for an entirely wet look.

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