Gorgeous Gray Hair Styles

Grogeous grey hairstyles- what’s not to love? The age-old debate of whether to work with your beautiful grey strands or to cover them up continues to spark conversation. We want you to feel confident and inspired with your beautiful grey strands which is why we are here to inspire you with some beautiful grey styles.

To hide greys or not to hide?

Grey hair is trending right now. Many women with grey hair enjoy covering up the strands in an effort to look younger although right now we are seeing young celebrities opting for an all-over grey. When we first see grays popping up it’s easy to tone the locks to more of a blonde or silver tone. The best part about this is that you can rock a stunning silver hue that looks absolutely natural and flattering.

Gorgeous Grey Hair Styles for different lengths

Depending on your hair texture and length there are so many options for chic gray hairstyles. A perfectly styled and toned gray hairstyle looked dignified and classic. We always aim to frame the face and bring attention to facial features you love when styling.

  1. Short gray hairstyles

If you are a fan of pixie cuts, keep them sassy and edgy by adding texture. Gray bobs are chic and timeless and look amazing sleek and shiny or curly and texutred.

2. medium gray hairstyles

Still want to show off your locks? Mid-length gray hairstyles have the versatility for texture and sleek smooth shine.

3. Long gray hairstyles

Although long hair with grays are not as popular as short sleek gray styles, we commend anyone who is up for that maintenance.

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