Diagnose your hair at Epic Hair Designs and experience a luxurious hair transformation. Fusio-Dose treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results.

Fusio-Dose at Epic Hair Designs

The Fusio-Dose system works as a custom treatment to cater to your specific hair care need. Let’s start with the boosters. These are five concentrated hair formulas that are missed with the concentrates. The Concentrates are four powerful active ingredient potions, offering multiple combinations for a custom-designed treatment to instantly and lastingly transform the hair.

fusio dose

The Mixology Bar:

In our salons is where you can see the beautiful display of Fusio-Dose Concentrates and Boosters in action. The ingredients come together at the core of a new system, a true mixology bar dedicated to personalised Fusio-Dose care. A hair care beauty shot at the heart of the salon, for busy, demanding women

Discover the 4 Concentrates – for your PRIMARY HAIR CONCERN

Densifique for immediate strength

Oleo-Fusion for instant nutrition

Vita-Ciment for in-depth reconstruction

Pixelist for complex and radiance

Discover the 5 Boosters of Fusio-Dose – for your SECONDARY HAIR CONCERN

Booster Brillance for 5 times more radiance
Booster Densite for Fiber intensely texturized
Booster Reconstruction for 50% less breakage during brushing
Booster Nutrition for 3 times more nutrition
Booster Discipline for 3 times more discipline

Fusio-Dose Boosters


Fusio-Dose treatments are a 3-minute service available as a stand alone or can be added to any salon service including cutting or colouring. The treatment is fused together by your stylist then added to your hair at the basin, massaged in and rinse to leave hair feeling repaired and radiant. Throughout Feb and March 2019, we are offering any Fusio-Dose treatment at the discounted price of $29.95

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